wavelength nanometers (nm), is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together. Jayshree holds a B.S. It requires immediate action to prevent the disease at the community level during the period of latent infection which involves fast-spreading, endangering the health of large numbers of people and creating the chain of infections through Gadgets, Mobile, Currency notes, money, masks cloths and plastic. Copyright © HT Media Limited All rights reserved. Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter.


Also, another report states that our Mobile phone is 18 times dirtier than a public washroom, it needs proper cleaning. Cloud Networking Transformation: The Making of Arista. With more than 30 years of networking experience, she is the recipient of numerous awards including E&Y’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2015, Barron’s “World’s Best CEOs” in 2018 and one of Fortune’s “Top 20 Business persons” in 2019. COVID-19 Response - A Letter from Our CEO, We are all learning to cope in an audio and video world.

Jaipur, AMA-1521AX to its products portfolio. July 22, 2020. Our team is doing well. We are also working with all mission critical customers to support their infrastructure in this time of uncertainty and need. Researchers says UV-C technology in the range of 253.7nm. We will get through this together and we are confident that things will be back to normal soon! Aside from these additional measures, it is business as usual for Arista. The rapid acceleration of Covid-19 developments across the world has been sudden and shocking. It makes the mobile phone virus-free using the UV-C sterilizing disinfectant technique. The Shuddhi Box is an effective solution to fight the COVID-19 spread and to disinfect Mobile phones, currency notes, wallets, watch, eyewear & masks. A Gurgaon-based technology startup, Arista Vault has come up with a must needed solution Shuddhi Box, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many of us are adapting to new shelter-in-place or other COVID-19 work and lifestyle changes, there are many in our local communities that have suddenly lost their jobs and are now struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their families.

Expand Cognitive Campus.

According to researchers at CDC USA & Journal for Virological method, the strength of the sun is strong enough to kill viruses like COVID-19 and researchers found that continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues. https://www.hindustantimes.com/brand-post/kill-covid19-with-arista-shuddhi-box-gadget/story-0iAeoKsJb6u0sZVLfjtn6H.html, Kill Covid19 with Arista Shuddhi Box Gadget, https://www.hindustantimes.com/brand-post/how-arvin-subramanian-became-amazon-s-best-seller-with-his-book-get-vocal-for-local/story-aOLouUQ4LOWR8wzmS9TZLO.html, How Arvin Subramanian became Amazon’s best seller with his book, Get Vocal for Local, https://www.hindustantimes.com/brand-post/sam-khan-is-breaking-stereotypes-of-indian-youtube-pranksters/story-iYWij7xLUGRUqYssMf69BI.html, Sam Khan is breaking stereotypes of Indian YouTube pranksters, https://www.hindustantimes.com/brand-post/success-is-a-state-of-mind-harshavardhana-gourineni/story-gxZJJlRT4nPGYaQsdxC2UL.html, Success is a state of mind: Harshavardhana Gourineni, https://www.hindustantimes.com/brand-post/mr-goa-amod-mardolkar-is-also-a-musical-sensation/story-yAc7AMquVSkgzHbc6VBpjJ.html, ‘Mr Goa’ Amod Mardolkar is also a musical sensation. Formerly Jayshree was Senior Vice President at Cisco, responsible for a $10B business in datacenter, switching and services. We are all learning to cope in an audio and video world conducted virtually using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or conference calls. Each day we see greater impact on individuals and communities. Opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the original authors, not of Arista Networks. The Arista Foundation will be taking a leadership role during this time of crisis for Red Cross blood banks and we will be matching employee donations to our long-time community partner Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. A Gurgaon-based technology startup, Arista Vault has come up with a must needed solution Shuddhi Box, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. in Engineering (Electrical) and an M.S. From repairs and maintenance agreements to installations and system design, Arista consistently delivers quality, dependable support you can trust.

Read More . We have implemented many safety measures in what has become our new “day-to-day” to ensure that our most important asset, our employees, are remaining healthy and safe.Aside from these additional measures, it is business as usual for Arista. to help Covid patients recover faster and reduce the fatalities. Enabling high speed patient record retrieval, analysis and imaging visualization via Arista products increases caregiver efficiency and time to diagnosis/recovery. The team at Arista Hair Solutions ️ wants you to know that we are navigating the current and unprecedented state of COVID-19 with extreme caution. Stay well, Richard Enderle, President Arista Aviation. In the interest of the health and safety of our employees, we have closed all Arista offices worldwide. As a leading supplier of cloud networking equipment globally, Arista plays a critical role in supporting the cloud communications and computing infrastructure that will keep the world running during these difficult times. Doctors and legacy IT systems are burdened with supporting tired infrastructure operations and keeping up with increased patients and long days and nights. This conventional UV light is routinely used to decontaminate surgical equipment. Delhi, Mumbai, Covid-19 Update from Arista Realty Group. For health workers and policemen along with essential service workers, who are our heroes and working on the front foot, it is not possible for them to disinfect their mobile, wallet and money with every frequent use and also to charge mobile in such testing times. The spread of the virus is very vast. Ms Purvi Roy, Co-founder and CEO, Arista Vault says, “We wanted to create some concrete solution to stop the community spread in India. The Forrester Wave™: Open, Programmable Switches For A Businesswide . Lucknow, Patna, It has forced us to take a new perspective on gratitude for what we have, including our families, health and an opportunity to rethink our goals. Since smartphones are the most used devices and active carriers of the virus, we worked on a model to stop the spread of the virus through phones. April 16, 2020 Ron & Georgia Pizzarelli Category: Georgia's Update; A shout out everyone! , Chandigarh , Dehradun, The health and welfare of our communities depends on it. We have implemented many safety measures in what has become our new “day-to-day” to ensure that our most important asset, our employees, are remaining healthy and safe. degree in engineering management. She led the company to a historic and successful IPO in June 2014 from zero to a multibillion-dollar business. It will kill 99.99% of the virus by unique Ultraviolet sterilizer method within 5 minutes, UV-C wavelength 253.7nm. We are committed to the safety of our employees, customer’s business critical needs and helping the community. It’s still hard to believe how our lives have dramatically changed since the Covid-19 virus struck! Insert your smartphone in Shuddhi box, it would take 5 mins for complete disinfectant process and the green light starts blinking as soon as it is clean.

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