The company has the best online, online courses and tutoring, because fewer than 5 percent of the 170 applicants can be hired as blueprint … Name: Rachel B. Conclusion--I highly recommend Blueprint for anyone looking to get into a good law school and trying to improve their score. As a matter of fact, I already have and a few of my friends have taken a Blueprint course after I talked to them about it. I have been…", "Daniel Howard has tutored two of our children for the ACT prep. The method for logical reasoning is very comprehensive, though more difficult to apply since there's just so much to remember and practice with it. LSAT Prep Course: In-Person Classroom Course We could spend an hour on one specific question type, or go over all my missed answers on a practice exam. Makes all the difference when you are studying for a long time.”, "Blueprint is definitely a great resource with a unique, humorous approach to an otherwise boring and stressful test. As you study and improve your accuracy through LSAT prep work, being able to do it faster will come naturally. 95 reviews of Blueprint LSAT Preparation "Blueprint is very helpful and they offer many great resources. They made the scary LSAT become a familiar exam that I was stoked to take at the end. "@type": "VideoObject", I took the course with Ross Rinehart, and can confidently say I enjoyed spending 8 hours a week (in class) working on this beast of a test. He went up 4 full points, which is very difficult at that level! Ross was really helpful in making the LSAT seem manageable. in the weeks leading up to enrolling with Blueprint. I can assure you that if you choose Blueprint LSAT as your prep option YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. The way my course broke down the test and built up my confidence prepared me for the test and for legal thinking generally. With Blueprint I was way more prepared for success on test day! He is the best and this class is well worth the money. This review, however, is about the tutoring sessions I did with Jay (instructor at the Irvine location). He's also funny and knows how to present the material in a way that's comprehensible and at times even fun! We will have a veteran LSAT instructor introduce some key techniques for tackling questions and different ways to approach what many believe is the hardest section of the Law School Admission Test! I was looking online, researching LSAT classes and I had questions. I chose Blueprint after a friend had enrolled in an on-campus class and had recommended it. His attention to my learning style was most helpful in achieving my law school goals. He is very eloquent and straightforward in his explanations, which attests to his familiarity and long history with the LSAT. The class size was also very helpful, there were about 10-12 of us, making it a very personal experience and allowing all students the opportunity to ask questions and participate. The in-person classroom course comes with the online videos which I used to supplement my lectures and reinforce the skills that I learned from that day.

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