Nicholas (Nick) Derek H (1971- ) had a brief marriage to Saskia Reynolds in 1998-99 then married Jill Beasley (1960-2005) in 2001. Between 1919-1928, Ed was farming at Tokanui. Stewart Island. Perhaps named for his grandfather and father, Bill was born with a speech impediment. At the end of the 1901-1910 decade, James Calvin was the tenant of #9A, Robert Fulton continued as a tenant of #9Ba, Robert Smith and Mary Jane McAleese continued to pay rent to David Brewster although he had died in the beginning of 1908. England, Scotland and Wales generally adopted Protestantism, Ireland did not. Margaret Anne B (1954- ), teacher, married another teacher, Christopher De Vere Matthews (1952- ), in 1979, with whom she had four children. Martha moved to Invercargill after James’ death and lived another eight years before succumbing to stomach cancer.

Owen Thomas M (1935- ) married to Margaret Ann Bennet (1932-1975). The only eyelash injuries offered by Mr Google are associated with eyelash extensions which I’m sure uppermost on Dave’s mind. As well, the monetary value of farm land, post-WWI, was highly inflated so that mortgages, which presumably the Brewster men had to service along with all their other costs, were high. (2004- ). ) John and Dorothy had four children. The marriage took place at the residence of Rev. Other than that, I have discovered very little about Dave. pensioner and Redcliffs, Lyttleton, farmer; in 1954 both “no occupation, Burwood Hospital and porter, Hurunui; 1957 - Hawkesbury (which was also the a name for the Cherry Farm mental hospital although Hawkesbury could have been the location, not the facility), Waikouaiti, retired; 1963 - Waikouaiti, war pensioner; 1969 - Dunsandel, retired. He describes his attention being captured by a young probationary nurse working in a private hospital close to his boarding house. father’s defence when James faced claims for workers compensation and costs in 1915, he was the groom’s best man at his sister’s (Peggy) wedding in 1916. Dave withdrew from his siblings, too, for no obvious reason although a brief overview of various Brewster wills suggests less. Bridget Dorothy H (1968- ), with Clayton Dale (1969- ), has two children: Matthew James D (2001- ) and Imogen Virginia D (2005- ).

Their children are Euan Lyndsay C (1975- ); Fiona Jane C. Mechanic Desmond Edwin B (1947- ) married Pamela Margaret Brook. Mr Google has information about an Wanaka-based Anna Findlay with the same CV as Anna Brewster, now mother of two children. A Simon Brewster (Broster) is in Derry’s 1663 Hearth Money Rolls, living in the Clondermot Parish, The Waterside Townland, in the Barony of Tirkeeran. There is no record of a marriage between a Brewster and an Emery between the years 1885-1930  in either the Irish or New Zealand records. William Gillies in Timaru on 14 August 1879 (, Perhaps named for his grandfather and father, Bill was born with a speech impediment. He also sustained an injury “whilst on leave from France” in January 1919. At the same address was farmer Barbara Eileen Mangin. However, Ireland’s birth records have an Edmond born 15 November 1867 in Coleraine to a mother whose family name was Millar convincing me that Edmond’s parents were John King B and Eliza Millar. Restaurant reviews: Online and newspaper restaurant reviews in the food or lifestyle section are your best asset when trying to find top restaurants in your area.Most reviews rate the restaurant by atmosphere, portion size, price and service. One reason may have been the bloody rebellions by the native Irish to alienation of their lands that needed a domestic defence by populations loyal to England. in 1971. His household comprised his wife, Eliza Jane (59), and daughters Mary Jane (29) and Elizabeth (24) (Elizabeth may have been born Margaret Eliza in 1876, I haven’t found a birth of a daughter named just Elizabeth to John and Eliza at much the same time although that may be to do with existing records rather than a birth not happening). The total annual valuation of his 43 acres was £20, the fourth highest valuation that year. Ireland’s establishment families (who, by definition, were interested in maintaining the status quo) were reluctant to convert, a position reinforced by their close familial links to Ireland’s Catholic hierarchy. they are parents of Acer Christopher H (2004- ). According to naming traditions, he would have been named for a David Wark but I have found nobody of that name linked to the Brewsters although there are Warks in the Coleraine parish. Martha distributed her moveable estate to Bill (£150), John (£160), Mary, Maggie, Floss and Dae (£100 each), Lizzy (£200); nothing for Peggy, Dave, Harry, or Eddie.

Administration of John’s will was granted in 1906 to M I.M’Laughlin (married woman) and Elizabeth Brewster (spinster). According to his will, John died on 28 January 1879 leaving assets of £399/15/0. At least one other family member, Edmond Stronge Brewster, was named for the senior public official responsible for the estate. James’ parents were William Brewster and Mary Jane King.

The couple are parents of three children.

Harold Cecil Dickson K (1912-1979) and Ivy Cookson (1920-2012) married in 1953. A Wanaka-based freelance writer of that name has written, amongst. In 1942, he is on the WW2 ballot list. In 1916, he died. Peggy and WD seemed to have been devoted to each other during their shared 43 years although the family suspects her life was not overly happy. PRONI advises that William was the tenant of #10 from the first Griffiths valuation in 1859 until 1886 when it was taken over by John Brewster. Not too long after, he began franchising and now has locations all over the eastern seaboard and the southern United States with shops from New Hampshire to Texas. Given first option to buy sections of their father’s farm, it was hard going. The major grievance, after the state of the roads and bridges, was that settlement was not happening fast enough. The cause of her death was myocardial failure and postoperative shock (four hours), and nephrectomy nephrolithiasis and chronic pyelonephritis (three years).

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