This sort of dogma leads to an infodemia of sorts, which scientist Igor Rudan has already spoken about extensively in his many texts on the new virus and the pandemic caused by it.

His texts excellently calmed any anxieties, fears, and panic in an educated, easy to understand and compelling manner.

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of his next book, we'll be certain to provide the update as soon as it can be found on the shelves and online. Photo from For Croatian speakers, watch Igor Rudan discuss coronavirus back in March this year: If you're not confident in English and would prefer to read Igor's texts published by Vecernji list on the pandemic and other scientific matters, you can do so by clicking here.

Croatian scientists are part of a team that has built and set up the first prototype of a large telescope called LST-1, a telescope that will detect the most energy-intensive part of the spectrum of cosmic electromagnetic radiation (with energy ranges from 20 GeV to 300 TeV, which is 20 times more energy than the levels achieved by the most powerful accelerator in the world, the LHC at CERN), … He also commented that annually, about 50,000 people die in Croatia, whereas this year COVID-19 is likely to claim about 300 lives. Instead, he manages to convey it in a simplistic, interesting, and dare I say even entertaining way which grips the reader with, yet again, apparently very little effort. Noble pen shell (called periska in Croatian, Pinna Nobilis, lat) is a large species of Mediterranean clam, the biggest of its kind in the Mediterranean … All Rights Reserved. © 2020 Total Croatia News. Carried out in cooperation with the University of Zagreb.Collects information about Croatian scientists abroad. Centar za znanstvene informacije Instituta Ruđer Bošković, FULIR - Repozitorij cjelovitih tekstova IRB-a. They say that if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life, and I'd dare to suggest this is the case for Rudan, who effortlessly pens texts explaining the ins and outs of not only this virus but of many others, with an enviable ease.

He's no stranger to writing books, having already published several. Croatian scientist Igor Rudan is everything but a slacker. This e-project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport intends to promote Croatian scientists in Croatia and abroad, and to foster the communication and information exchange among the scientists themselves.

It is, however, far from the first time that he has dipped his toes into that, having lived for a long time in Edinburgh and having made documentaries in English which excellently discuss survival against the odds.

In this regard he recalled the timeline in the efforts to handle AIDS and also called for the search for chemical drugs that will be effective for novel coronavirus, making the virus impotent. You can view this captivating YouTube series below, with the first video linked: His next book, which will be translated into English and made widely available to all those for whom the name Igor Rudan is still new, is certain to impress all those who read it. I'd highly recommend reading Zao zrak (Evil air), which is currently only available in Croatian, which discusses health and disease in the 21st century in a way that reaches people in a way that is quite remarkable. In his address to the press, after the ceremony, the scientist said that when it came to COVID-19, the efforts should be focused on strategies not based on finding a vaccine but rather on finding the appropriate medicines just as in the case of the struggle to combat AIDS. Please help by adding reliable sources.Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Croatian Scientists Proved That Croats Are Descendants Of Serbs written by Marco Co August 13, 2013 Croats are descendants of the Serbs and the genetic match of both peoples is nearly identical, with the difference that Serbs are the older of the two peoples and therefore, practically created the Croatian nation, Before it’s news reported

During the ceremony, French Ambassador to Croatia, Gael Veyssiere, said that researcher Radman was “the successor to Rudjer Boskovic”. You can read his incredible texts in English on his Medium profile here. Cookies make it easier for us to provide you with our services. Being an English language portal in Croatia, tourism is never far from the surface, and with the endless questions and indeed often confusing instructions issued to would-be travellers back when we knew much less about the virus than we do now, scientist Igor Rudan's texts acted as a calmant of sorts for those wishing to better understand the situation in Croatia, and indeed the world. I - project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports strives to gather the information about Croatian scientists, to promote Croatian scientists at home and abroad, and improve communication and information exchange among scientists.

We at TCN were instantly captivated by scientist Igor Rudan's texts when he first began publishing them, entirely at his own will, and I took to translating them, feeling that someone so educated who can still be so down to earth must be heard by the English speaking community who read our portal. Radman for approach of finding appropriate medicine for COVID-19. Copyright 2017 - Croatia Week - All Right Reserved, Croatian scientist Miroslav Radman receives French Legion of Honour: ‘In Croatia 50,000 die each year, why would 300 COVID deaths be more important?’, Croatia has 106 coronavirus cases per million inhabitants, Two new cases in last 24 hours, Croatia’s recovery rate now over 85%, Croatia reports 116 new Covid-19 cases today, new measures to be imposed, Croatia confirms 34 new cases in last 24 hours: Self-isolation for arrivals from Bosnia and Herzegovina set to be abolished, Croatia reports 265 new COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours, 50% from self-isolation, Croatia reports 28 new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours, active cases drop further, 19 new Covid-19 cases reported in Croatia in the last 24 hours, Croatia reports 58 new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours, Croatia confirms 86 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours, Croatia’s national weather service to be equipped with supercomputer, Solar Ferry – sustainable, super economic boat for champagne cruising, Croatian firm Vuplast declared Europe’s best enterprise story, UEFA Champions League: 15 Croatian players involved, Filming in Croatia: HBO film ‘Oslo’ being shot in Dubrovnik, 30 years ago today Croatia play USA in first football official of the modern era, Croatian Academic and Research Network wins European award for digitisation of schools, Job-keeping support for Croatian businesses announced, CIBC president Victor Dodig to take part in Crodiaspora online summit, Zagreb: Tourism in the Croatian capital at 30% on last year.

Everything, however, has a down side, and the negative side of having so much information freely and easily accessible is that human nature tends to cause some to only seek out information which benefits and confirms beliefs they already hold, rather than perhaps open their minds to something new and in some cases - more factual.

Rudan, having the type of mind that he has, was quick to understand the need for his extensive and truly impressive works (both articles, longer texts and indeed books) to be available to the English speaking world during this utterly unprecedented time. Having come to know each other since the outbreak of the ongoing pandemic, I have been consistently impressed at his ability to knuckle down. They sent out a stern warning regarding the future of the noble pen shell in the Mediterranean. One tends to think of scientists and immediately picture Albert Einstein locked away in an office struggling to understand the often superficial reality of the world around him.

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