(EG transit to Alaska). Divorced or separated parents should carry custody or legal separation documents and a letter of authorization from the other parent to facilitate their entry into Canada. Depending on the length of stay, American citizens are entitled to take goods back to the U.S. duty free. Get Free Weekly RV LIFE Updates in your Email Inbox, Don’t Let This Happen To You Using A Car GPS. If you are travelling with a group of vehicles, make sure you arrive at the border in the same vehicle as your children, to avoid any confusion. Your email address will not be published. Be aware that goods purchased in a duty free shop are not automatically free of duty upon your return to the U.S. You can find a list of duty free items to bring back to the U.S. here, as well as a list of prohibited and restricted items here. You now have to fill out a form stating your plans to quarantine yourself for14 days and where. About 30 million visitors cross the border every year into Canada and an additional 18 million visitors arrive by boat or airplane. This letter should authorize the person meeting them or travelling with them to take responsibility for the minor while visiting Canada. This post may contain affiliate links. If you don’t tell an official that you’re carrying items or money that should be declared, you may be fined or put in prison. Canada has just tighened up requirements as of April 10th. Visit the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission's website for detailed information to make crossing easier, and get hourly updates regarding border wait times or see wait times below for: Rainbow Bridge  Peace Bridge  Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, 1 800 56FALLS1 800 563-2557​905 356-6061Contact Us. Alternatively, you will need other documentation that shows proof of American citizenship such as a birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship or naturalization or a Certificate of Indian Status, plus a photo ID. When contacted, the Canada Border Services Agency sent a statement that the situation is evolving rapidly and border situations can change at any time. What this boils down to is the US government sending a get-home-now-or-we-can’t-help-you-get-home statement. To cross the border into Canada you will need the following documents: American Citizens : A passport is not required but is strongly recommended. Border crossing during COVID-19. When you travel to Canada, bring official documents that state what vaccinations you and your family have already had. All Rights Reserved. If you’re traveling by air, it’s a good idea to complete the card before you leave the airplane. Additionally, the supply chain in more remote areas along the Alaska Highway may be disrupted or delayed at times. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You can make the process easier by filling out a BSF186, Personal Effects Accounting Documents form before you travel and giving it to the officer when you arrive. The US Consulate General in Vancouver suggests checking their website where you can find the most up-to-date information and enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before you travel to receive alerts and ensure you can be located in an emergency. Travelers should plan accordingly with extra food, fuel, and repair equipment. The US State Department issued a Global Health Advisory on March 31, 2020, putting travel by US citizens through Canada at Health Advisory Level 4: Do Not Travel. Don’t pack these documents in your luggage. The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented travel restrictions around the globe. Using a face covering, meticulous hand washing, avoiding touching your face, and maintaining a minimum of 6 feet distance away from other people should be observed at all times. For enquiries, contact us. Reasons for inadmissibility include involvement in criminal activity (which may include impaired driving convictions), human rights violations, organized crime, etc. Before you arrive in Canada, you may be asked to complete a Customs Declaration Card. For those traveling between Alaska and the lower 48, there is the daunting task of additionally crossing the US-Canada international border…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You’ll show your lists of those items separately to a customs officer. In Canada, your children need immunization or vaccination records to enrol in school. Last time I checked, Canadians are still being allowed into the US from Mexico on the understanding they are transiting as fast as possible to Canada. At that time, the State Department advised US citizens outside of the US to make arrangements to return to the US immediately unless they are prepared to “remain abroad for an indefinite period” and “avoid all international travel.”. Find out more about your duty to disclose funds either before you leave or once you arrive in Canada. You will not receive a reply. My suggestion is not recommended for those who get sea sick. For more information, contact the Canada Border Services Agency. If you or your child hasn’t been vaccinated, call your doctor or local public health clinic right away. While passports are recommended, they are not required for American minors age 15 or younger crossing the border by land - a birth certificate will suffice. Visit the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission's website for detailed information to make crossing easier, and get hourly updates regarding border wait times or see wait times below for: Have your important documents translated into English or French before you arrive to make it easier for people in Canada to understand them. Travelers are advised to expect lengthy delays at ports of entry. kids just love to play hide & seek on board a ship. For further information about documentation required and border procedures please visit the Canada Border Services Agency’s website. Be sure to keep the photocopies in a separate place from the originals. These restrictions have been issued as a way to try to prevent the wildfire-like spread of the virus in order for global health agencies to have time and resources to help those who are stricken with the virus. At that time, the State Department advised US citizens outside of the US to make arrangements to return to the US immediately unless they are prepared to “remain abroad for an … The list should: Give this list to the border services officer when you first get to Canada, even if you aren’t bringing in any goods at that time. Check out Border Wait Times Before Crossing . Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. Vaccinations help to prevent serious infections or diseases. Plan ahead before crossing the US-Canada border during the COVID-19 pandemic. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 RV LIFE. Before crossing the border into Canada, check out border wait times. Can You Still Go RVing Without Camping Reservations? If a minor is travelling alone or with an adult that is not their parent or guardian, they should carry a letter from their parents/ guardians. If you will be traveling through Canada, be advised that you may be required to present documentation of your essential travel, may be required to do a quarantine to enter Canada, and may be turned around and denied entry at the Canadian Border. When you enter Canada, a Canada Border Services Agency officer may ask to see your passport and a valid visa, if one is necessary. Make photocopies of all these types of documents, in case the originals get lost. One could take a boat, Ocean Going Ferry or barge trip from Seattle to Alaska & save on the wear tear on the tires & suspension system on one’s TT & TV. The letter should also include addresses and telephone numbers where the parents or guardian can be reached. may be closed or restricted. Restrictions are in place on a country-wide level as well as a state level with individual countries and states having varied (and changing) rules in place. If you are travelling by air, you are required to have a passport, regardless of age. Complete this card before meeting with customs and immigration officials, even if you aren’t a Canadian citizen. As of March 15, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada, will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The fuel savings should offset most of the costs. Children in Canada are vaccinated (immunized) starting when they are newborns. Each state border crossing could potentially have a required quarantine period before being allowed to proceed. Especially if you can choose from two or three different border crossings, such as at Niagara Falls, consult border wait times online to save travel time. BSF186, Personal Effects Accounting Documents, Find helpful information you should know about Canada before you arrive, Get to know Canada - Provinces and territories, a Canadian immigrant visa (if this applies), Confirmation of Permanent Residence for each family member traveling with you, a valid passport or other travel document for each family member traveling with you, a detailed list of all the personal or household items you’re bringing with you, a list of items that are arriving later and their money value, show each item’s value, make, model and serial number (if it has one), items that are arriving later and their money value, a reference from your auto insurance company, birth certificates or baptismal certificates, letters of reference from former employers, trade or professional certificates and licences, car registration documents (if you’re importing a motor vehicle into Canada), school records, diplomas or degrees for each family member traveling with you, a list of your educational and professional qualifications and job experience for your résumé, business goods, plants, food, animals, firearms or other weapons.

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