├ Bugged the Hell Out └ I’m Good With That Wait behind the camp until the situation calms down and this way you may avoid the battle. └ She Rode With Us When considering the second you will see your target as running from the roof of the NERO building. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. ├ Crafting Items ■ Side Missions Be careful - they are well armed and most of them have helmets and body armor. Little is known about his childhood except for an incident when his father taught him how to get rid of a rat's nest by drowning them.Deacon enlisted in the United States Army as a young man and served a full tour of duty in Afghanistan, serving in the 10th Mountain Division. ├ Was This A Good Idea ├ About Fast Travel Protecting the Weak You can sneak into the camp over the fences or start an open battle. ■ Main Missions └ Outta The Darkness ■ Main Missions However, you have to get rid of all 12 Marauders first. ├ Just Another Requisition Form If you haven't eliminated the horde on the nearby train, you can bring them to the enemy camp to do the work for you. ├ How to Get All Collectibles Head to the northern part of the searching zone to find a trace near the trash. ├ What Kept Me Going ├ Tumblebug River Infestation ├ I’ll Save Some for You ├ Performance (I'm Never Giving Up). Your target is the man you find in the camp southeast of the base, behind the mountain. └ He Never Came Back ■ Main Missions Horde Killer ├ It’s A Long Story What To Do After Beating Main Missions - End-Game Features, Keep Them Safe - Story Mission Walkthrough. ├ So Many of Them ├ Can I Ask You Something? └ You Can’t Do This Alone Take the west side to get to the camp. If you do not have enough fuel to start the mission, you will find a canister in a nearby mine on the hill, across the river. ├ Horse Creek Ambush Camp You will begin this mission after you have completed Earning Our Keep: You See What They Did. ├ They Don’t Feel Pain Keep Them Safe ├ I Know These People ■ Main Missions ■ Beginner’s Guides └ Riding Nomad Again 100% - St. John Bounty Hunter Custom Accent Storylines ├ A Target On Their Backs ├ The Only One He’s Got ├ Recommended Weapons ├ I Could Use A Hand By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Mayday! ├ Keeping Souvenirs If you're late, the Horde will get him - it's a huge Horde, which is extremely hard to defeat without proper preparations. ├ It’s On A Mission Bounty Hunter is a series of missions, which you will only start in the second region, in Tucker's camp and it is from her that you will receive many missions in this thread. Keep Your Friends Close ├ They Don’t Like Visitors After the Price on Your Head (the last mission Chasing Leon) mission, during the exploration you will receive a call from Tucker saying that there is a task for you; you will not receive it immediately after completing the previous mission. ├ Weather / Day-Night Cycle ├ I Know The Look ■ Side Missions You can get rid of the enemy without getting on the bike... Price on Your Head (the last mission Chasing Leon), They Won't Let Me leave (You're Safe Now), Flow Like Buried Rivers (Earning Our Keep), If you haven't eliminated the horde on the nearby train, you can bring them to the enemy camp to do the work for you, Also be careful if you want to act quietly - many enemies have helmets, which makes it difficult to kill them with one shot, Some Kinda Freak Expert (Earning Our Keep), Better To Light The Candle (Earning Our Keep), Afraid of a Little Competition? It's worth being at the top at that point and provoking them with rocks to enter your line of fire or to use attractor or explosives / canister. Bounty Hunter ├ No Place Else To Go ├ Bugged the Hell Out ■ Main Missions ├ Rogue Camp Infestation As usual, bring a fueled motorcycle and a supply of ammunition for your weapons. If you scare the target, he can escape to the high observation tower. ├ Something to Heal His Soul └ Riding the Open Road Wait a little while for a message from Copeland. ├ On Herod’s Birthday Surviving Isn’t Living All Rights Reserved.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ├ You See What They Did ├ Sarah World’s End ├ A Score to Settle ├ You Could Have Done More ├ We’re Getting Low on Meat ■ Main Missions ├ Drugged Outta His Mind ■ Side Missions ■ Side Missions ├ Give Me A Couple of Days ├ What to Do After Clearing You're in pursuit again; this time the opponent has more firepower and a tougher bike, Rikki is standing next to the mechanic's workshop, The camp has a lower and upper floor, also with opponents, This type of missions will appear more often as a part of the Bounty Hunter thread. Go to the southwest part of the map. After you eliminate the target and optionally the other murderers, reinforcements on motorcycles will arrive. ├ Seeds for the Spring ■ Main Missions └ Don’t Die After I Know The Look (A Good Soldier) mission, you will hear a message from Garrett - he asks you to return to the Wizard Island. ├ Sherman’s Camp Is Crawling Earning Our Keep ├ Black Crater Ambush Camp ├ You Won’t Be Needing This ├ I Brought You Something Finding NERO ├ Encampments └ Bugged the Hell Out ├ We’ll Make it Quick You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Remember that in order to successfully complete the mission, you need to collect evidence from the target's body. ├ Sounded Like Engines Deacon was born and raised in Farewell, Oregon. This takes place in the north-east of the region. ├ Driven To Extinction This mission will become available after Deacon collects return the samples from... Talk to Kouri. Once you've dealt with the opponents, infected wolves may appear on the spot. └ Nice and Bloody This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Go behind the building and examine the traces of blood near the rail. ├ Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp └ With Other Man’s Blood └ A War We Can Win In Days Gone, you play the role of bounty hunter Deacon St. John, as he tries to survive in a world ravaged by a global pandemic. ├ Not Gonna Kill Anyone └ I Could Use A Hand Marauder Camp Hunter ├ Pioneer Cemetery Infestation ├ They’re not Sleeping ├ Afraid Of A Little Competition ├ Mayday! └ Demo Walkthrough, I Remember ├ Freakers ├ Prove It To Me ├ Expect The Worst ■ Skills ├ Release Date and Pre-Order Bonuses Also, don't forget to collect NERO Injector here. The quest will start after completing a series of missions: That's Never Gets Old in the Surviving Isn't Living storyline. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. ├ Iron Mike ■ Side Missions The enemy will run along the road in the direction from which you came (to the south) - he can be eliminated without getting on the bike, if you have, for example, a good sniper rifle. Check out this Days Gone guide on all the story missions and walkthrough, including main story missions per part, tips, gameplay features and more. ├ Don’t Get Caught Days Gone - Bounty Hunter Storyline & Mission Walkthrough - SAMURAI GAMERS. From the west side there will only be a sniper. Then all you have to do is run and return for the murder proof when the Horde calms down and returns to its place. It’s All We’ve Got ├ Keep Them Safe └ The Anarchist Spy I’m Never Giving Up These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. ├ What Have They Done We’ve All Done Things You will begin this mission after you have completed Earning Our Keep: You See What They Did. You must get to the building where Riley is staying. ├ Drifter Bike Guide ├ Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. └ Addison, ■ Useful Information └ Wagon Road Ambush Camp Explore the tracks on the snow - they will lead you to the top of the mountain. └ I Should Have Left Her ├ It Was The Only Way ├ Do  You Have My Back ├ Why Am I Here? └ Chemult Community College Horde ├ Spruce Lake Checkpoint ├ How to Farm XP └ Rimview Ranch Infestation A Good Soldier You're already dead, and just don't know it. ■ Main Missions ├ Drifters on the Mountain ├ You Alone I Have Seen *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. ├ I Got A Job For You ├ I’ve Had Better Days You will hear him when you are near the house. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. └ Playing All Night This time the enemy has a helper - you can ignore him - when you reduce the target's health bar, the helper will disappear.

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