Proposal for a Cooperative House in London.

Our only aim is to add value to it. Dogma was founded in 2002 by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara. Dogma is the office founded by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara in 2002. Dogma creates its own rules, truths and paths, uses the shapes of nature and the substance it is made of, brings out its peculiarities, its essence, with new lifeblood and a new design. Dogma was founded in 2002 by architects Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara, both graduates of the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV) and the Berlage Institute.Their practice is oriented around developing projects that allow them to focus on their “favorite topics”: large-scale design and the architecture of domestic space. Some say inspiration is necessary to produce buildings that are … umm … inspiring and, in doing so, suggesting that stimulating some subjective response in a person, society or culture is a necessary function of buildings. Gross floor area 20.000 sqm.

Council regulations are dogma, although the goals – and the goalposts – move. True – some architectural drawings are value-added pieces of paper traded and collected in the same way as art.

Inspired by the Dogma rules, a detached house was built in the Zuideburen district of Leeuwarden.

Dogma’s work has been widely published and exhibited. The design and details were all specially created for this house. It is precisely the generic character of these workplaces that makes them transformable. At the same time, they’re not really dogma because dogma is dogmatic, not voluntary, and because dogma is black and white, not several shades of grey. Project for the transformation of office parks into living and working spaces. Courtesy of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism.

Belvedere, Donato Bramante, Rome, started in 1503, Rethinking Ownership, Construction and Typology of Affordable Housing. Oh. The design and details were all specially created for this house. Total area 60.700 sqm. It’s not called plastic for nothing, etc.

Dogma Design The room is perhaps the most obvious form of architecture, and yet it is the least investigated.

In Rotterdam, some architects called Dogma have been serving up reheated Superstudio as their ticket to their day job at The Berlage Institute, whimsical Dogma project called “A Simple Heart”, 2011, whimsical Superstudio project called “2,000 Ton City”, 1971. but this post has nothing to do with them. The architecture of the house contains no ornamentation and no references to architectural movements. After all, it’s the bloody nature of plastic to be “plastic”.

Uploading/managing projects and press releases It’s a bit like those mad people who talk to cats. These rooms are no longer “domestic spaces,” but generic inhabitable spaces that can be used as a both houses or workplaces. From the beginning of its activities, Dogma has worked on the relationship between architecture and the city by focusing mostly on urban design and large-scale projects. Sweet! Didn’t LC say something like “the plan is the generator!” before he proceeded to ignore it? The first criterion is that the new housing is organized according to principles typical of the union or cooperative; inhabitants would take part in a collective ownership structure. The third criterion is to rethink the architecture of the finishings, which has a huge impact on costs in housing. Conclusion?

DOGMA (Pier Vittorio Aureli, Martino Tattara) Stop City 1. Introduced by a short history of the private room and a recueil of floor plans dating from the Epipaleolithic period, these 48 perspectives are exhibited at the second edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial. The second criterion is the organization of the housing around two spatial conditions: being alone and being together. For this reason we aim toward a non-typological housing system in which space is reduced to the bare simplicity of the room, while services are contained within walls. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Once the building is stripped of its facade and partitions, a circulation ring is added around the building, on which inhabitable cells are attached. View towards the inner courtyard, Rue Démosthène, Housing for Community Land Trust in Brussels, Minimum dwelling and its discontents, 2018, Charles Israel, ‘The Century’ bachelor flat, New York (USA), 1901, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, housing prototype for professional women, Frankfurt (Germany), 1927, Moisei Ginzburg and OSA, house for the State Planning Committee (Gosplan), 1929, Project for two social housing blocks in Aguascalientes (Mexico), 2018, Project for the transformation of Via Giulia Augusta in Aquileia (Italy), 2018, Project for a mid-rise housing block in Russia, 2018, Masterplan for the Hakaniemenranta area, Helsinki (Finland), 2018, The Architecture of the (Private) Room, 2017, Masterplan for the Ex Caserma Sani in Bologna (Italy), 2017, Masterplan for the Linkeroever area, Antwerp (Belgium), 2017, Project for a house prototype at the Edersee (Germany), 2017, General Local Plan GLP for the territory of Tropoja (Albania), 2017, Study for urban transformation and new housing typology in Limburg (Belgium), 2016, Project for the new central park of Prato (Italy), 2016, Project for boarding houses in London (UK), 2016, Production and Reproduction in Artists’ Housing, Berlin (Germany), 2015, Project for the transformation of office parks into living and working spaces, 2015, Masterplan for the corridor Durrës-Tirana (Albania), 2014, Proposal for affordable living and working spaces in the Merihaka district, Helsinki (Finland), 2014, Proposal for the transformation of office space into housing in the Quartier Leopold, Brussels (Belgium), 2014, Proposal for the retrofitting of Ludwig Hilberseimer's settlement Unit, Chicago (USA), 2014, Proposal for Vlora Waterfront (Albania), 2014, Proposal for a living/working unité d’habitation for 1600 inhabitants at the Balti Station area, Tallinn (Estonia), 2013, Project on Giovanni Battista Piranesi's Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma, 2012, Proposal for 44 social housing units in Westerlo (Belgium), 2012, Masterplan for the Osong Biovalley (South Korea), 2011, Project for the Taichung Gateway Park, Taichung (Taiwan), 2011, Study on the European North West Metropolitan Area, 2011, Proposal for the area of Spina 4, Turin (Italy), 2010, Proposal for an urban theoretical model, 2007, Masterplan for the New Multi-Functional Administrative City in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2005.

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