VIOLET, DOWAGER COUNTESS OF GRANTHAM (chuckles uncomfortably) I mean, “Downton Abbey”. I’m sure you’ve already seen this movie but if you haven’t. He's not marrying you for your looks. [Mary and the duke enter the men's corridor. What was it. Robert, Earl of Grantham: If I were to tell you she's made me very happy, would that stretch belief? Lady Mary: Does this mean I'll have to go into full mourning? Mr Carson: Take him whatever he might need. S5: Yes in them it almost nothing. Let’s just have the West London Regiment and then things like that. S3: Yeah it was a complete repetition of the thing that she had twice around with William. He won't break the entail. To employ him for a job he can't do? S3: Yeah. Okay. Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: I'm very sorry about poor Patrick, of course. Cora, Countess of Grantham: Just don't think I'm going to let it rest, Robert. In fact, I hear the Canadians are making quite a thing of the Titanic cemetery. Downton Abbey Transcript. S6: It’s a parade a dinner and then the next day at a different house and different venue that that day that the servants of down are not responsible for one day there will be a ball. She left to be a secretary. I--I used to see Patrick Crawley at the odd thing. Princess Mary. Mr Crawley was His Lordship's cousin and heir to the title. [Carson looks at the floor and raises his eyebrows and leaves without a word.]. Daisy: Just run upstairs to the dining room and find William, I beg you! But but it wasn’t. Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: Such a glare. Thank you sir. But I find I cannot ruin the estate or hollow out the title for the sake of Mary, even with a better man than that. The man who manages the generator could look after yours as well. [Anna shifts the sheets and candle in her arms to shake his hand. No, thank you, milord. Oh and so like the Queen when when Lady Mary and cor. Do I choose them, or does he? When you think how excited Lucy Rothfuss was at the prospect. It certainly does. I don’t think you wanted something like a radical departure. Robert, Earl of Grantham: (sigh) It has been our sole topic of conversation since the day the ship went down. S3: Yeah. I won't be more than a day or two. Mr Bates: Were you looking for Thomas, Your Grace? S5: Yes the Branson at times are changing but not fast enough. HarperCollins And they all hang out with this old lady that looks like a chicken. Was this helpful?Please help keep this site running. To him, the risk is we succeed in saving my money, but not the estate. I’m glad they didn’t bother to introduce things because like no no. Go to bed. And I was once again just transported to another world and I enjoyed it the whole time I was never bored. S8: No no no he’s skulking but he is you know trench coat and it just has a face that looks like Oh you’re up to no good. Lady Edith: When Anna told me, I thought she must've dreamt it. Robert, Earl of Grantham: Perfectly acceptable. S6: How was tartly tarps and rains silly although Tom’s barrels still has his little hand cast. S3: Exactly. She used to work as a housemaid here. We won't want His Lordship's hands as black as yours. My man was taken ill just as I was leaving, so... Robert, Earl of Grantham: Oh, well, that won't be a problem, will it Carson? Indeed that’s the order of events. Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: Well, I'm going to write to Murray. She did wonder about the kitchens, but I couldn't see the point. Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: We are allies, my dear, which can be a good deal more effective. Transcript of Downton Abbey . Mr Bates: Please, don't feel sorry for me. Thomas: I want to be a valet. Downton is in my blood and in my bones. Cora, Countess of Grantham: But didn't you want the afternoon to talk things through? Mr Carson: Thomas, take Mr Bates to his room and show him where he'll be working. It does seem odd that my third cousin should be a doctor. Cora, Countess of Grantham: Well, she'll have to; we all will. So the King’s going to be on his horse and they’re going to be you know I guess his finery and his finery and then the next day there’s gonna be a ball at hair wood and that’s the thing that involves the royals. William: Well, that's all right, Mrs Hughes. But is it fair on William to have all the extra work? Of course, that new wife of his has bound to have been rescued. S3: Hello and welcome to Slate’s Spoiler Specials for Friday September 20th. Yeah. But then it turns out he’s plotting against the king and trying to rope time into his mother plot. Anna: For once in my life I'd like to sleep until I woke up natural. Robert, Earl of Grantham: I know you are. Robert, Earl of Grantham: I see. Romances. But still the children are brought in. It was that the king and queen of England King George the Fifth and his wife Mary were going to come to Yorkshire and they were going they wanted to stay at Downton Abbey. And then it’s the quintessential Reg aside attempt I’ve ever heard. You knew what you were doing when you came here. I don’t know if you could hear but I was singing Oh I could hear yeah OK good. Cora, Countess of Grantham: Doesn't it strike you as dishonest not to mention it? Just...drop us a line. Cora, Countess of Grantham: Mr Murray, how lovely to see you. Robert, Earl of Grantham: You said. I read it was the whole thing. [Bates and Anna walk around to the servants' entrance behind the others.]. But actually copying the transcripts onto the wiki might be a bad idea as I think it might be against fair use and break copyright. [Mary looks at herself in the full mirror as Anna exits.]. But there’s also the storyline with Edith getting pregnant her husband the market. And so if you would ring my Lady Smith. Robert, Earl of Grantham: We're used to it. [The duke steps forward to open the door behind Mary.]. Oh yes. You don't mind, do you Mrs Hughes? They just arrive in one motor car. It's your father's house, isn't it? And so you know it is a dangerous situation we know of course that the folks at Downton. Mr Carson: No. And when Mosley showed up on screen June what models. When I really want to nice kleptomaniac to sell me a light fingered seems as the queen we’re already getting ahead. He's off on the nine o'clock train. Yeah it seems like I’m just going to handle this reg aside attempted to thwart it myself which made no sense why wouldn’t you have made no sense. But when Patrick had married Mary, and you grandson been hailed as master, honour would have been satisfied. Are the tea trays ready? They come here everything’s fine they’re kind of nice but then there’s this plot line which I have to say my heart sank when this grim faced major major chocolate Chitwood. Isobel Crawley: Really? If there is interest, I would be glad to add them, I am just a little new to editing this wiki and not sure what form they should take, so would appreciate advice on an appropriate template. So you know the fact that she came in as a posh person in the movie. And then it was the end and also his name by contractual obligation I can only assume is above Maggie Smith’s credit. First of all this is sort of rude on Mary’s part. Gwen: Well, it's electricity, not the devil's handiwork. I was born here, and I hope to die here. So it’s a song essentially about cannibalism but it’s an old Yorkshire song. Miss O'Brien: There's more than one way to skin a cat. I want to mention one tiny thing which which actually delighted me maybe the most of the whole movie which was that when the king and queen were at the parade or whatever the Yorkshire facades played in Claymore which is an old Yorkshire song on Oakley Mo bets that we addressed have been since I saw the chemo all bets that keep going. You know 100 years later of you know basically big international supermarkets outside of the towns where you have to get into a car and go and do it like where the local shops have gone the high streets are all the same. But Mary will still have her settlement, which you won't find ungenerous. It's not a problem. Anna: There. [Thomas sits down and takes the duke's face in his hand.]. Do you have any musical instruments. Thank you. Duke of Crowborough: Of course, Lady Mary. [ cut to program footage of the abbey exterior ] Announcer: Basically… it’s about a bunch of honkeys that live in a … Are things...progressing? I think that’s something that we see over and over again in Downton and have forever that for obvious reasons. Robert, Earl of Grantham: There's no need to rush out into the night. Don Roy King is directing his fourteenth season of Saturday Night Live. We were just going down. And this time we had a message and it was conveyed actually very dramatically and you know wish we saw the the Royal Mail being sorted on a train making its way swiftly northward toward Yorkshire and it was like thrilling. Robert, Earl of Grantham: Welcome to Downton. Lady Edith: I thought it was supposed to be unsinkable. I love the Dowager Countess. Downton Abbey Transcripts. We will all be in mourning. Wikis are generally okay to quote from episodes/published material and use a sample/small selection of pictures/screencaps as this falls under fair use - but if you use too much of that material you can be in trouble for breach of copyright. You remember on the TV show they used to put together entire trailers. Cora, Countess of Grantham: Certainly I do. So it’s Matthew Goode Maggie Smith you think that is weird that’s so straight. It would be the ruin of everything Robert's given his life to. Mr Carson: Very well. Cora, Countess of Grantham: Don't talk as if I'm not broken-hearted, because I am. It’s like we never left this podcast studio it did. [Bates and Anna exchange a friendly smile.]. S6: Unjust. Lady Bagshaw had gone off to America to have the child had brought her back to England had educated her but in a local school you know not like cough and had hired her as her maid and had told her when she was 18 and blah blah blah and you know that.

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