You can't take the Vertibird to The Enclave. The two buildings catty-corner to the arena are home to Lo Pan and The Dragon. He'll also put Golgotha on your map, where you can dig up Richard's grave and examine the body, though that's wholly unnecessary and will just piss of Orville. In the next room is President Richardson. Follow the previous advice and let us know of any issues. What would be the point?. Vault 15 The person you give it to will determine the fate of Redding (Marge for NCR, Dan for New Reno). Be sure to kill every last one of them, even the ones in the building to the northeast. Open up the cellar door behind Matthew, and go down. To loot stuff on the Entrance level, you'll have to kill everyone. You'll need three things for this: a Motivator (looted from almost any bot), Bio-Med Gel (if you don't already have it, there's more on the floor here), and a Brain from Level 4. On Level 2, the generator to the south will bring the power back online: use Science on it, then Repair it. Use the Computer Voice Module (from Vault City or New Reno) on the machine and fix it, then return to Gruthar for some XP, an he'll hand you the holy G.E.C.K.. He'll give you the key to Chrissy's cell. Talk to Maida and Ardin Buckner for their rewards, some XP, and a Karma gain. If you don't have any Dynamite on you, there's some in the shed to the north. Use your Repair skill on all of the computers until you find the random one that gives you an item. Other characters in the game will recognize you as a Ranger now, regardless of whether you have the pin in your inventory. Talk to both of them, and go through both of their tests. The southernmost building is Doc Jubilee's place. All the graves contain loot, but there are only two graves here that you can dig and not end up with the "Grave Digger" Reputation. Your next visit should be to Raul, who's hanging out inside the hangar. If you don't have an extra suit, you can get some Power Armor from one of the merchants in town, or from the BOS base. Big Jesus wants Boss Salvatore dead. Be sure you have some sort of Power Armor on, then go inside, and you'll be in a large room with a bunch of turrets and a computer near the middle of the south wall. With a Science of at least 75, talk to the Barking Man in a burned out building on the northwest side of Virgin Street in New Reno to find out he has epilepsy. Agree to get fuel for the shuttle. The Doctor here on Level 1 will heal you for free. You can free Matt, but you have to kill everyone in the process. If you the player are old enough, or you know politics, you'll know who this is supposed to be. Go in the door behind him and use the computer to learn some stuff, and if you haven't already done so, route fuel to the Tanker. last modified 17 October 2017. Not much point now, unless you really need ammo or some specific gun. Then ask her if she loves her husband. Repair the generator and take the elevator down to Level 2. You can, sell Myron, tell him you're a "badass mofo" if you're a Childkiller or Berserker, or kill the Hubologist inside NCR. Loot Phil's corpse for the key, and free Chrissy. Manipulate it to get some money. If you don't have any Dynamite on you, there's some in the shed to the north. If you ever have reason to go back to New Reno, you can thank the Barking Man on Virgin Street by curing him. My recommendation is to choose the Wrights, as they're the only way you're going to get into the Sierra Army Depot. Kind of useless, and there's a chance you can become addicted to it. Accept his quest, and move on for now. Back in the foyer, take the stairs down to the detention level. The slot machines are ok, though. Tell Father Tully you met Samuel, then give him the Bottle of Wine. The best reward requires a high Speech skill, and the dialog path is 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. Pay a visit to Matthew at the BOS and let him copy the Vertibird Plans. Tell Chrissy to come with you. Do so by heading west one map, resting until morning, then heading west one more map to Commercial Row. Marli, next to the well, needs a Rope to fix it. When he and his fellow slavers are all dead, tell the slaves to the north that they're free for some XP. Leave and go to NCR. The Desperado on Virgin Street their home. You'll get 500xp. Everything he says are direct quotes. By now, several people should have mentioned that President Tandi has a job for you. Lenny (the pale ghoul) will join your party if you tell him about your ancestor. You may meet them in future random encounters in the wastes. Juan Cruz and Vikki Goldman are in the large room in front of a screen. If you piss him off with one of the more sarcastic remarks, just exit dialog and try again. All of the containers on this map are empty. Go to Vault 15 now. Wait until midnight, and you'll find the culprit, Tom, to the northeast. The first is the northwest grave of the southwest section, marked as "Here lies the dumbest son of a bitch ever to set foot in New Reno." Please provide those details when describing the problem: Please give Killap a savegame as advised above. As you make your way through the ruins, you'll come to a fork in the road. Talk to both of them, and go through both of their tests. Or, seeing as how he enjoys cheating at cards, you can Steal and put your own Marked Cards in their place. Return to the tanker and use about 13 Super Stimpaks on him. Head to Vault Village, just north of Vault City. Everything he says are direct quotes. All Holodisks in the Depot are strictly for fun background info for you, the lore-seeking player. San Francisco Return to San Francisco. You have three choices: 1)Kill them both, 2) throw them both in jail, 3) talk to them each individually, and convince them to not fight today. Best to get the drop on them. Talk to Tandi (yes, she's that old) and agree to pay a visit to Vault 15 for her. Go up the stars and talk to Captain A. Ron Meyers to find out you need three things to get the tanker moving. As with any location, you the player knowing the location from previous games or this guide doesn't make the place visible in the current game. Time to leave. There's nothing on Level One. go in the small room, and up the ladder. After you have the password, and/or you've killed Chris, leave all your party members by the car (if you didn't already leave their hearts in San Francisco), and take the path north through the woods and exit. Notice your car is parked in the corral just west of where your character is on the map. Go through the bar and up to the bridge. The two will have a long conversation, after which you can talk to and barter with Val. Your next visit should be to Raul, who's hanging out inside the hangar. The bastard is actually proud of what he did, so take him to jail for the maximum XP and cash rewards. After their speech, tell them you want to join. There are three ways to complete this quest: Go to Chip to tell him it's on. (Note that your character may have taken some damage. Agree to deliver a meal to Smitty, who's in the junkyard west of Lara's gang's building. Loot what's left of his corpse and take the money from the footlocker. Use your Repair skill on all of the computers until you find the random one that gives you an item. There's nothing on Level One. Agree to do so, then look around and feel free to loot everything you can. Open up the cellar door behind Matthew, and go down. There's nothing on Level One. The second mission involves collecting tribute from the Corsican Brothers Porn Studio. Marion's last task is to kill some punk named Frog Morton. Instead of asking for more cash, mention that issue #5 is sticky. Take some Rad-X and walk in to the reactor. When you agree to do so, you'll be teleported to a conversation with the merchant. In the northern building, talk to Chris Wright for an introduction to his brother, Keith Wright. Tell him about Mr. Peterson's offer, and he'll change course and meander off to Mr. Peterson's. Give him the ore and $1000. This starts a timer. Agree to kill the Shi Emperor. Hack into it and route fuel to the Tanker. When you fist talk to him, he'll insist on amputating your leg. Make your way west and talk to Dr. Charles Curling. Lou will say you're an idiot, but that's it. (Just FYI, the wanamingos themselves are resistant to energy weapons, except the Alien Blaster). When they're all dead, you get 3,000 XP. Accept his quest, and move on for now. When you leave San Francisco, you'll get a random encounter with a bunch of Star Wars figures standing around. The Bar's owner is Cassidy, and you can get him to join you just by talking to him. When you're ready, open and walk through the door. It's not possible to become a Made Man of all four families. Go into the large room in the north. Check both his tables for more stuff to trade for. Talk to everyone in New Reno and Vault City to get some great new dialog. Ask about Jet, the Factory, and the Maker to find out about how Myron likes Prostitutes. The north half of the map is taken up by some slave pens. (See the Party Members page for more information.) Use the computers in this order to open all the doors at once: 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 8, 9. You can threaten to kill him a couple times, but not too often, as he'll call the guards and put the whole base on alert.

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