This is a big deal for athletes, but less of a concern for general fitness folks. Product reviews by users consistently reflect high brand loyalty. We think First Degree Fitness rowing machines compare favorably with the top of the line Concept2 rower which uses an air resistance flywheel, and the price reflects this. As a data-oriented athlete, I set myself to figure this out. Again, this is a big deal for athletes, less so for general fitness folks. The C2 resistance is linear and allows pushing as many watts as your muscles and heart will let you; the WR resistance is non-linear, and as you row harder you generate less incremental watts to the point of being impossible to generate more power. I then looked for the curve inflection point (using the same rationale as a Conconi test in cycling to estimate the anaerobic threshold). The Viking 2 Plus V Rower seamlessly combines function and aesthetic appeal to deliver the ultimate indoor water-powered rower that feels like the real thing. The C2 looks like a gym machine; the WR looks like a beautiful piece of home furniture. are more important. The Cambridge is more of a recreational rower, the Kingston is compact and the St. John is the commercial model with a vertical water tank. In the WR, I saw the curve inflection to happen at a LTHR of 151 bpm, which is much lower than what I know should be the case. The Limited Edition Newport Challenge AR features an advanced computer monitor providing the rower with measurable performance output, an ergonomically designed seat that rides on precision bearings and rollers for absolute smoothness, an upgraded footboard with advanced heel support, and an innovative soft grip handle to eliminate stress on the hands and wrist during the comfortable, but physical workout. There is in fact very little difference required in the WR to generate 200w or 230w. The water rower will be your friend the C2 will not. During our latest review we counted 23 different residential models...that's a lot of rowers! This is because of the impossibility of driving more power on the WR. Regardless of putting much more effort in, there is almost no increase in power output. With this new feature, you can move from light resistance to a sweating sprint with the turn of the dial. I looked for rowing sessions from the past 6 months and plotted the average power and average heart rates. The result is plotted below and unsurprisingly it confirms the mechanical resistance limitation that the WaterRower has. I tried a water rower once and it sucked. Quick Take. See the popular First Degree Fitness rowers on sale right now! For recreational rowing below 190w, the WaterRower provides a very good response and can be compared to a Concept2 rower. In contrast, the WR readings are considered bogus, and there is no software support, no community and no ranking for times on WR. The adjustable spreader accommodates any size foot and, like the angled handles, is easy to adjust quickly. Red flag: This is not how resistance in rowing works. Finally, the seat on First Degree Fitness rowing machines is set at nearly the same height as a typical office task chair, making these the ideal indoor rower for anyone who has trouble getting up and down. You then have the Horizontal Series which includes the Apollo Black, Hybrid and Pro V, the Aqua, Neptune, Newport, Pacific, Titan, Trident, Viking and new NEON models. If price is a driving force, buy a used one, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. response to a Concept2 rower. In the end, choosing between them depends on what you’re looking for in an indoor rower. The movement of the blades in the tank churning water also gives rowers a pleasantly realistic sound effect. The monitor didn't read right on higher paces. There are a number of choices when it comes to First Degree Fitness rowing machines. The C2 resistance comes from a fan moving air; the WR resistance comes from a paddle moving water. The Limited Edition Newport Challenge AR has the capability to allow the rower to control and adjust the resistance from “Feather light” to “Olympic sprint” delivering a silky smooth resistance to the user’s effort and instantaneous response to input with no “flat sport”. This made sense, at least at the time, since I had plenty of opportunities of using C2s at the gym at work and in hotels whilst traveling. As each has a different look and feel, it's a matter of choosing the one that most appeals to you. You can't use water rower meters to add to your C2 log book or count in challenges. Since I row on the WR at home, and on C2s whilst I travel, my training log is full of power readings from both rowers. There’s a lot of attention to comfort in the WaterRower machines. The warranty on these machines varies depending on the model you choose, with frame coverage ranging from 5 to 10 years and the tanks from 2 to 3 years. The Limited Edition Newport Challenge AR (Adjustable Resistance) by First Degree Fitness is designed and engineered by professional rowers and craftsman using only the highest degree of quality components – ensuring complete satisfaction in function, performance, and reliability.

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