# Improved smoothness of dribbling slightly. # Raised number of penalties and their conversion rate in line with real world data # Stopped games been incorrectly called off due to international call-ups. - Fixed rare player_bio string where a player's total club appearances were mentioned incorrectly ======= Sports Interactive have released a new patch for Football Manager 2008 which brings the game to version 8.0.1. - Stopped various Feeder links getting cancelled when they shouldn't be. - Belgium Cup no longer stops running when running the First Division only in view only mode. # Off ball runs from behind ball now done at higher speed. # Improved selection of players from a draft. Player Unhappiness # If no highlight is playing, the pitch section on the match screen is disabled. # Fixed international manager attending the wrong game when a club had another match before the game that he elected to go and watch. # Added Atletico Madrid player pictures. - Improved the TV games for the Bwin Liga. - Adjusted collective win bonuses for smaller competitions based on the competition prize money - Updated Super Cup venue. # Reduced pointless off ball runs that just made it harder for team mates. # Added Levante player pictures. 51,844 87.26MB No Screenshot Add Ons Kits & Logo Gigant Pack. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 is the fourth installment in the soccer management series. # Enhanced effect on flair of "creative freedom" slider slightly. - Fixed some issues where some senior players weren't being registered. # Pushed D-line up a tiny bit to reduce defensive teams ability to pass ball around and dominate possession, # Reduced no of dangerous challenges - Fixed fixture pile up the Blue Square Premier League in April 2012. Denmark - Adjusted general finances in the German leagues Download Patch 8.0.2. - Awards news no longer always refers to manager award winners and runners-up as having "nothing to choose between them" # Tweaked player ratings back halfway towards pre v642 levels. # Players more willing to make themselves available for simple pass # Improved positioning of players coming to offer options to throw in taker - U18 players can now be transfered between two EU based clubs again. # Fixed new sponsorship news item in some cases showing £0 instead of the real value. - Extra time now played in the Final of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. Offizielle Downloads - Football Manager 2008 Demo Strawberry - sehr umfangreiche Demo mit zahlreichen Quickstarts Vanilla - nur England ist spielbar, nur englische Sprache verfügbar PC (Strawberry), PC (Strawberry) PC (Vanilla), PC (Vanilla), Mac (Vanilla) Patches Beachtet bitte vor dem Patchen das Folgende: Der neueste (PC-)Patch ist um die 95 MB groß. # Fixed issue where you would receive a news item stating that a player had progressed well and then the coaches wouldn't comment on his progression in the coach report. # And more likely to turn before hoofing ball clear when necessary. # Ensured scout's with high judging potential aren't as accurate when rating players for potential. # Tuned French general finances for a better balance. # Improved use of channels to pass into and move into. - Added correct winter transfer window. Bermuda U20s vs England U20s at game start date. # Fixed a bug where the league was sometimes not sorted before the split was introduced. # Supporter Spokespersons don't respond to job adverts anymore. # Hong Kong First Division Reserve matches played in neutral stadiums of 4,000 or less. # Made defenders clear ball when under pressure in own area and ball bouncing at awkward height. ====== The change list is rather large. # Updated horizontal scrollbars visible on Competition Tree view. # Reduced no of professional fouls - Player instruction "Swap position" works correctly with player substituted on during a match. # Updated the Setanta Shield prize money. # Next match button on match screen when viewing highlights now works correctly each time. - Player names on the match lineup pitch was sometimes obscured by the player behind (with certain formations). Football Manager 2008 … - Overall stage history is no longer recorded for the Premier Division. # Keepers more effective on long shots. - Added new Ukrainian Cup format. Greece .de # South American Continental Cups now get correct referees for matches. # Monthly player award news uses the correct stadium name if the player moved clubs at the end of the month. Scouting - Update 2 beinhaltet Update 1. # Fix to stop players continuing to swap when option removed in tactical change during match. - Fixed some dates for the Super Cup and the Super League. # Got long-term expectations to update quicker once a team has effectively finished thier season (e.g team wins league with 10 games to go). # Changed stage names of MLS conference playoffs. # Austria and Switzerland now play their group matches in their own country for Euro 2008. # Fixed extremes of players not reacting for ages to ongoing play. ======= # Tweaked feeder club payments for smaller clubs and poorer nations. # Enhanced the chances of a takeover when club is bankrupt for a long period. The change list is rather large. # Made players take longer to accelerate all the way to full speed. - News item now reports you've qualified for the Quarter Final of the Premier Toto Cup after the group stage. - Regional Division games no longer clash with the First round of the German Cup. # Another tweak to AI mentality setting. # The "Change User" menu would disappear in hot seat mode until the game was continued.

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