This report is submitted to your College with a recommendation on what action should be taken e.g. Scotland's five-tier lockdown system gets green light - here are the changes coming on November 2. There's been plenty of speculation about what the mystery animal could be, with suggestions of porpoises, whales and dolphins. Supposedly, the spicy dish originated in Glasgow by a Mr Ali Ahmed Aslam, owner of Glaswegian culinary beacon, the Shish Malal.

In his 1924 obituary he was granted the accolade of being the first person in history to practice brain surgery using newly discovered techniques paving the way for modern surgery.

Factories, mills and mines the world over changed forever when James Watt, then an instrument maker in Glasgow in the mid 1700s invented a new type of steam engine (apparently inspired by a walk by a ‘steamie’ at Glasgow Green).

The inventor of the first working television system, John Logie Baird studied electrical engineering at the Royal Technical College in Glasgow and at the University of Glasgow. RSIO aims to ensure that Inventions are licensed to companies who are committed to taking the technology to market. His eureka moment was the realisation that he could separate steam chambers in a train. 25 more coronavirus deaths recorded in past 24 hours as new cases rise by 1,327.

Well without Glasgow’s intervention this dark, fearsome, colourless world, might have been an all too grim reality. Tonight we hear from Sheevaun who helps develop new products for Lees of Scotland. Upon arrival he lightly injured a pedestrian and was fined 5 shillings – but in the process, made it into the history books as a proper inventor. In December last year Google celebrated the 250th anniversary of his birth with a ‘doodle’ of Macintosh in the rain. In 1993, 30 years after commissioning a nuclear reactor within East Kilbride’s Scottish Reactor Research Centre, the decision to attempt to close and decommission the reactor whilst simultaneously allowing research to continue unaffected, was agreed upon. Demonstrating his invention at Glasgow University in 1748, the discovery was deemed so insignificant the technique was not commercialised until the 19th century. The University of Glasgow is a registered Scottish charity: Registration Number SC004401, Intellectual Property & Commercialisation Policy. The Glasgow Coma Scale is used in every hospital around the world as a means of reliable measuring the conscious state of a patient. As Glaswegian as Irn Bru, legend has it that the chicken tikka masala was invented after a Glasgow bus driver complained that his tikka dish was too dry.

The team consisting of Professor Ian Donald, Dr John McVicar and Engineer Tom Brown risking humiliation and career suicide by pursuing the creation of their prototype ultrasound machine.
In 1842, he went on his first long journey, from his home to Glasgow –almost 70 miles, travelled on his invention. Using the technique of boiling ethyl ether in a partial vacuum.

Couple move wedding reception to Motherwell McDonald's after venue cancelled twice due to Covid-19.

Factors we consider in evaluating the commercial potential of an invention include: problems solved or unmet needs addressed by the technology, potential applications, market size, market landscape, potential competitors, potential partners, and potential challenges to commercialization. Scotland's Inventions The world has been revolutionised time and time again by great Scottish inventors, fuelled by their boundless imagination and inspired creativity. Teenager missing from Paisley since Saturday sparks police appeal to find gim. Scotland's five tier lockdown: Lanarkshire may be put in level 4 amid high transmission and hospital rates, The First Minister hinted at a top level lockdown for Lanarkshire and gave an outline of where Glasgow will fall too, Glasgow Lives in lockdown: Sheevaun, 45, Burnside, New Product Development Project Manager at Lees of Scotland.

This assessment process is performed by Tech Ventures along with patent counsel and, as necessary, in consultation with external experts.

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