Alex uses Izzie's modeling against her, and her last ad causes a patient to reject her care. Cristina discovers she is pregnant. 1. George finally gets laid but gets syphilis. Poor 007 died in the process of saving a woman’s life and was hit by a bus instead of her…and fans haven’t forgotten him, even 10 seasons later. Season 2. Season Information Izzie and George think Meredith is trying to get Derek to favor her, and try to ice her out. Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang (9/9) 3. On October 11 and April 26, 2006, the DVD was released in regions 2 and 4 respectively. A power struggle between Dr. Burke and Dr. Shepherd in the hospital. Burke operates on his friend. George finds a towel in a patient, Izzie throws a party and Bailey catches Meredith having sex with Derek. February 14, 2006 April 26, 2006 George and Izzie move in with Meredith. In their absence, Meredith is assigned a patient with Parkinson's and, because Alex's pager is not working, Izzie is left in charge of the floor herself. Other set details are: In the UK, the DVD set also contained the first 5 episodes of the second season, as it was originally planned for those episodes to be part of season 1. Meredith wants to learn more about Derek, but he remains cagey. Class Yet? A common mistake in the first season is that the attending surgeons often do procedures that are not part of their field of specialty, such as general surgeons operating on lungs. Isaiah Washington as Dr. Preston Burke (9/9) 9. George finds out the anesthesiologist has been drinking on the job, but when he tells Shepherd he is thrown out of surgery. Season Guide A woman with a massive tumor is admitted, with all the surgeons required to scrub in. Over the past two years since, Sarah has been all about TV movies, starring in Cagney and Lacey and Christmas Pen Pals. Fans will never stop missing McDreamy, who tragically died in season 11 after he didn’t receive adequate care after being hit by a truck. She meets fellow interns Cristina Yang, Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev who become her closest friends during the intern program. Meanwhile, a supposedly psychic patient proves bothersome, Alex must convince a young girl to agree to a life saving operation, and Cristina is conflicted about her pregnancy. Since then, his character’s been on quite a relationship roller coaster, and Owen joined Alex at Pac North. Dr. Webber realizes he has a brain tumor, which is pressing against the optic nerve, compromising his sight, This season served as a mid-season replacement for, All voice overs of this season are narrated by. It was broadcast on Sunday nights at 10 PM on ABC. Long live Richard Webber—and fortunately, he’s still kicking, even though he’s had a couple of pretty scary brushes with death. Izzie and Cristina are assigned a close-to-brain-dead John Doe who may be a viable candidate for organ donation, and helpful to George's patient, who needs a new liver. George thinks an anesthesiologist is drinking on the job, and Meredith deals with a young girl who has had illegal surgery.

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