Many important inventions are answers to specific problems, and Henry's first one was no different. Bessemer never in the face of difficulties and when his design for the Bessemer converter was met with criticism he decided to produce iron himself. Not sure what college you want to attend yet? has thousands of articles about every Attracted by the promise of economy in time, labor, and fuel, many wrought-iron producers tried the process; all reported total failure to produce any useful material. SwiftPapers is a global provider of sample essays on all academic topics and subjects.If you are looking for free essays, free term papers, or free research papers, you will definitely find it in our database! In 1854, following the rejection of an artillery invention, Bessemer sought an iron tougher than any then available and experimentally fused blister steel with pig iron. 1813. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. His father, Anthony Bessemer, was a wealthy engineer and inventor, who was also appointed a member of the French Academy of Science for his changes to the optical microscope. He received a knighthood and many awards, including Fellowship in the Royal Society. In 1879, he was conferred upon the title of knighthood and was even inducted into the Royal Society of London. Biography - A Short Wiki. During 1850-55 he worked on devising a cost-effective and efficient method of producing steel. On March 4th, 1830, I arrived in London, where a new world seemed opened to me. The principal causes were twofold: the "blow" left the metal full of oxygen, and typical British pig irons were phosphorus-rich. His father, Anthony Bessemer, was also an inventor, as well as a printer and typesetter, and he gave Henry a love of working with metal. In this lesson, we learned about the life and inventions of Henry Bessemer, who created the Bessemer Converter and forever changed how steel was made. He was also part of the revolution of Sheffield becoming a major industrial area. In the United States part of the Bessemer process had been patented by William Kelly, and dual licenses were needed for its operation there. During the late parts of the Industrial Revolution, steel became the major building material for everything from skyscrapers to bridges to railroads to automobiles. There s no cause of death listed, and its assumed he simply died from old age. One way to answer those questions is to look at the life of Henry Bessemer. With the creation of this process, he opened his production site and became a wealthy businessman. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Name: Henry Bessemer, Sir Bith Date: January 19, 1813 Death Date: March 15, 1898 Place of Birth: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England Nationality: English Gender: Male Occupations: inventor, manufacturer The English inventor Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898) was a pioneer in the manufacture of inexpensive steel through his development of the steelmaking process which bears his name. There was a problem, though. Entrepreneur. The cannons, which were made of cast iron, were not strong enough to handle the new artillery shells. Bessemer turned his attention to metallurgy when he learnt of the problems plaguing the weaponry industry. He died March 15, 1898 at age 85. He died March 15, 1898 at age 85. His father who was himself an inventor had a major role to play in this regard. Henry then collaborated with several owners of blast furnaces and granted them the license to produce steel using his process.

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