Jennifer Rudner,  »  Stories; Storytelling. lady Jacobovits's memoir is important for all of us. One Passover, my three-year-old grandchild looked up at me from his chair at the Seder table. The farmer had lowered us into the cellar through those windows and every day through one of them he lowered a net with five morsels of food and a bucket for our natural needs. Another remembered the Four Questions - the part of the Seder the young children recite. That night we celebrated Passover.  »  May they all be blessed, (2) In this time when many of us are lost in the minutia of observance we often miss the simple essence of belief and faith and human dignity. Linda, S., Finally, we managed to reconstruct "Chad Gadya," the song which typically ends the evening. Anonymous, Before evening we baked our matzah, though we hadn't a clue how to do so. There must be so many untold stories of this kind that we don't know about. Leaven. The Working Group's tireless efforts to prevent the deportations are described. April 5, 2004 12:00 AM, Dear Madam Amelie I knocked on the farmhouse door of what turned out to be a kind, courageous gentile farmer. In April the ghetto was rife with rumors of an upcoming deportation. The moon was full and the night was unusually bright. I was a slave laborer (Zwangsarbeiter) on the Austrian side of the Austro-Hungarian border, building bunkers for the German army. We told a few stories of the Exodus that we remembered having heard from our parents. Many people had already heard of this from the reports of lookouts posted as a matter of course on the rooftops. Despite this, the Jews of the ghetto continued with their preparations for Passover. We saw a full day of sunshine and blue skies, and we decided that, in order to cultivate a festive spirit, we would switch clothing with one another and wear them as if new. (4) Many homeowners made their own Passover wine from raisins, and glassmakers peddled their bottles door to door. We produced something which resembled matzah and, whatever it was provided enough for the five of us. March 31, 2004 12:00 AM. The mass of people on that train -- a tornado of humanity -- repeatedly wrenched us from one another. Occasionally, one memory escapes from the vault that holds the terror of those years. Receive Weekly Calendar and Holidays Emails. It didn’t occur to the Jews of Piotrkow that the holiday wouldn’t be celebrated. (8) Sally Dominguez, Testimony of Shoshana Baharir, Yad Vashem Archive, O.3/5469. Please sign me up for's free email updates. A Miracle in Baghdad. Filter by Topic. A few days later, another saw blades of grass penetrating the frozen terrain. Reb Shmuel's Two Seders. Because of their deepest desire to express their Jewish identity, these children had the ingenuity to create an unforgettable Seder from rudimentary items. (HY"D) In Aron Grunhut ZL well known book (originally written in German) The Catastrophe of Slovakian Jews 1941-45 some of these terrible events are described and the bravery of The Working Group led by the brave Rabbi Michoel Ber Weissmandl Tzl and his distant cousin the extraordinarily brave Mrs Gisi Fleischmann of Blessed Memory and others are described in detail. I was a young girl hidden in a dark cellar in central France. Your story and spirit are being passed on to my children along with the traditional pieces. Even more, I feel obligated to the younger generations of my family, who never experienced what I did, to pass on the clarity it gave me -- the vivid appreciation of God's presence in my life, of His constant blessings, wonders and teachings…and of His commitment to the survival of the Jewish people. Themes ‘My town of Piotrkow, Poland, became the first Nazi ghetto. Rabbi Meisel perished during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 13:00 This story was beautiful. I admire the gift of faith and the blessings of hope you are endowed with and that you lived, (10) Show all. We take a look at the stories of the people who survived the ordeal. Caleb, 1941 was the most extraordinary Passover of my life. (13) The Holocaust was a gruesome period in the history of the Jewish people. In that difficult winter, five homeless children developed values so different from those today -- as well as a bond of lifelong friendship. In 1936, my parents took us to Paris, as my father had been appointed rabbi of the prominent Rue Cadet synagogue. Thank you for the inspiring article. Tuvia Borzykowski, Between Tumbling Walls, p.57. His reading was punctuated by explosions and the rattling of machine-guns; the faces of the family around the table were lit by the red light from the burning buildings nearby. Even under occupation, the Piotrkow bakers cleaned their ovens, covered the surfaces and began making matzah. By contrast, it is related in the book Tonight will not be a good night." Fax: 972-3-561-3699 Before the occupation, winter clothing was cleaned, and bedding aired in the sunlight. (9) Seder. There was more movement in the courtyards and streets than by day. With no festive food, no silver candlesticks and no wine - with only our simple desire to connect with God -- we had a holiday more profound than any we have known since. Some even baked matzot, obtained wine, and koshered their dishes in preparation for the holiday. March 30, 2004 12:00 AM. (11) Your Judaism. None of us admitted we were Jewish for several days. (3) (7) Earl Minkin, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Testimony of Shoshana Baharir, Yad Vashem Archive, O.3/5469, The Warsaw Ghetto After the Great Deportation, January 1943: The First Armed Resistance in the Ghetto, January - April 1943: Preparing for the Uprising and Building Bunkers, After the Uprising: Life Among the Ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto. © 2020 - Your life. raye, The Fifth Question. Martin Kapel is a survivor of the Nazi … Tears came to our eyes as my daughter and I read this beautiful story. (12)  »  Telephone: *2421 * Extension 4 Jerusalem Post or 03-7619056 Fax: 03-5613699E-mail: A Passover story of Holocaust survival demonstrates how the powerful life force of a Jewish woman connects our past, present and future. My Father Z"L celebrated his BarMItzva in Bratislava (Pressburg then Czechoslovakia now Slovakia) on the 7th day of Pesach 1941 .The esteemed Rabbi of the community, Rabbi AKiva Schreiber Tzl wasn't present, The Slovakian fascist Government had not allowed Rabbi Schreiber to return to Bratislava after he had gone to visit family outside Czechoslovakia a year or so earlier.My Father ZL told me that the AV Beth Din of Bratislava (Pressburg) Rabbi Dovid Wesseley Tzl was present at his BarMitzva. Many of these Slovakian Jews who were deported were deported to the East and perished in Auschwitz, in some of the first gassing of Jews there. Martin's story - childhood experiences of a Holocaust survivor. By Passover 1940, we had been under German occupation for six months. No one slept that night. March 28, 2004 12:00 AM, I found this article quite saddening but yet heart warming that these children were able to keep their committment to what they were and still are - Jews. Your transactions are secure. One Passover, my three-year-old grandchild looked up at me from his chair at the Seder table. We even had Matzot (unleavened bread), everything. wrenched us from one another. And this is another story I have heard and read about what happened both in and around the Concentration Camps. But before I describe it, let me explain how I got to that cellar. A wide selection of inspiring and touching Passover stories, from the ancient to the contemporary. I was born in the years preceding World War II and lived content and well loved by my family in Nurnberg., (15) Holocaust (1) Timeless Passover Stories. In 1940, when the Nazis began bombing Paris, my mother fled with us -- her four children -- on the last train before the main onslaught. March 29, 2004 12:00 AM, A sad but true story of how it was for some. Copyright © 2020 Yad Vashem. One day, peering from the cellar up through the windows one of us noticed a streak of sunlight in blue sky. Our Privacy Guarantee: Your information is private. It reminded me of a Passover 25 years ago when my children and I were in dire straits. Our editor needs it in case we have a question about your comment. Passover It is a lesson for us all. April 14, 2019 12:27 PM, My Father Z"L celebrated his BarMItzva in Bratislava (Pressburg Slovakia) on the 7th day of Pesach 1941. A day later, a newspaper came through -- and then a match. This article originally appeared in The Jewish Women's Journal of the Jewish Renaissance Center, a learning institute for women located in New York City. March 29, 2004 12:00 AM, Really a good passover history, I live in Perú (South America), here there is a little ishuv, around 200 families. Tuvia Borzykowski, a member of the Jewish Fighting Organization, describes the Seder in Rabbi Eliezer Meisel's apartment: Amidst this destruction, the table in the center of the room looked incongruous with glasses filled with wine, with the family seated around, the rabbi reading the Haggadah. I was transported to that task with other slave laborers from my native Budapest, Hungary, late in the previous fall. Months later, I lost track of my family altogether. (6) Strange as it sounds, we were very lucky. I would like to express my happines for this beautiful passover experience. Oct 28 | 10 Cheshvan | We had made the beds… The policeman who lived with us always told us everything that was going to happen… He told us, "You should know that the ghetto is surrounded – with Ukrainians. Telephone +972-3-761-9056 The members of the underground resistance movements went into high alert. Within a few years, as the political situation deteriorated, my father was conscripted into the army and had to leave us. However, we have read or heard so much about it that it takes a story like this to get through to us the deprivations of those who survived. Today and in recent years, as I celebrate Passover surrounded by the comforts and luxury of our London flat and the security of more than a dozen relatives and friends, I realize that for all their splendor, these holidays cannot compare in my heart to that unique event 62 years ago. Despite this, the Jews of the ghetto continued with their preparations for Passover. April 1, 2004 12:00 AM. It really shows how the most importent ingrediant for a meaningful seder is your heart. Two days later we received a small bottle of water, but we had to wait several days for the flour. I continue to enjoy them until they are gone. The entire region was drained of provisions, with everything being transported north to Germany. Some even baked matzot, obtained wine, and koshered their dishes in preparation for the holiday. On the 18th of April 1943, news arrived that the Germans had stationed an army in Warsaw and it seemed that the ghetto was to be liquidated. April 5, 2020 2:58 PM, A blessing to read these beautiful stories experiences, (14) My Father ZL always described the AV Beth Din in a reverent tone respectful tone!My Father ZL told me his BarMitzva was celebrated just before all the "very hard times" happened and all anti - Jewish persecutions and deportations of Slovakian Jews happened.

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