Revamped Legendary Duelists bring new cards to Duel Links that can really change the game. The playable character will be Paradox Brothers, with their skill "Labyrinth Builder"! There are a few decks that will work to farm Elegant Mai in Duel Links and we'll go over a few of our favorites here. Like Zane, Chazz' drop pool has a combination of two archetypes: the Armed Dragon cards and the Ojamas. When the best monster in the drop list is Black Ptera, you know you're in for a rough time. Happy readings! In order to get the most of the deck, you're going to want to grind against Obelisk Blue's Alexis Rhodes. Murmur can be replaced by any card that helps thin the deck when fighting against LVL30 Bonz; If not you can just discard Murmur if your hand size got too big and you had no chance to use it. Duel Links. On the Cyberdark side, we have Cyberdark Cannon and Cyberdark Edge which are solid cards in those decks and on the Cyber Dragon side, we got Cyber Dragon Zwei and Proto Cyber Dragon which are a couple of useful drops. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links: 5 Best Skills In The Game (& 5 Worst). In part 2, we went through the combos for the Nekroz archetype. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. While we'll get into Zane a bit later, let's deal with Syrus right now. Poor Syrus, always in the shadow of his older brother Zane both in the anime and Duel Links. The first of course is the aforementioned Blue-Eyes which is a staple of that archetype's deck is generally a great card for beginners and is essential for those wanting to make a deck around it. More importantly, though might be getting Enemy Controller from Kaiba as it's one of the most splash-able (can be put in a lot of decks) cards in the game and is always a useful quick-play spell. In the game Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, players earn Gate Keys which allow them to duel against Legendary Duelists from the original series, GX, 5Ds and the movie Dark Side Of Dimensions.With such a massive choice of duelists to grind against, it is worthwhile to know which opponents are actually worth your time and which aren't. Well quite frankly, your card drop list is kind of thrash. Not only did Yugi beat Atem in the final duel of the original series, but he also has a better card pool than his other self. For today's article, we will be going through engines for Nekroz. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Next we have Thunder Dragon, which helps thin your deck even faster. Great Moth? While you're going to need newer cards of the archetype to be top tier, this is definitely a good starting package. 3 years ago. Although he isn't quite as bad as Weevil, the monsters Rex drops are among the worst. If you're looking for more Amazoness cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Level up character decks! Duel Links: Every Card in Vision of Ice Set, Every Card in the 'Duel Links' Valiant Souls Box. So im looking for good a way to grind out xp to level up my characters for gems. While there are tons of Roid cards that Syrus can drop, it doesn't change the fact that the Roids just aren't a good archetype. By 'we', I meant GeoTheBacon, DAM SON aka MyPochi and K.X... Bonz has just been released to Duel Links~. The Ban Hammer has arrived and may the Yugioh Gods (Konami) have mercy. Not only that, but you have the Magnet Warriors which are a decent deck for lower-level play that can be buffed into top tier when getting the Electromagnet warriors from booster packs. If you want to do that on regular, you need to farm Dr. Crowler. Much like his fellow low-level villain in crime, Rex Raptor's drop cards are pretty awful. Mai uses two cards that can throw a wrench into your plans. I intend to entertain, generate discussion and save the world with my articles (in that order). Obviously, Weevil has without a doubt one of the worst card pools in the game with nothing of value in the entire lot. So today, I, GeoTheBacon, am here to share with you a method to farm both LVL30 and LVL40 Bonz! But first, let's talk about the cards you can win. Ironically, a reason why Yugi is such a great duelist to grind against is because he has a card that makes grinding much easier; Union Attack. With staples of the Ancient Gear deck like Ancient Gear Golem, Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem and Ancient Gear Castle, you can make a pretty solid deck just out of drop cards from Crowler. The deck list is as shown above. From May 2-9, Elegant Mai will appear in Duel Links at Level 30 and 40 for duelists to battle and, hopefully, win some new cards. Sometimes when you level up a character unique deck, you’ll earn precious gems, and sometimes you’ll get cards out of it too. Yu-Gi-Oh! Do note that this deck list is not absolute. Born and raised on comic books, professional wrestling and video games.

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