I'm so sorry for all of you who haven't grown up in a bible based home or have, but have drifted away from God, but listen to me now: He is real! Join us at patreon.com/universetoday, https://www.darkskytraveller.com.au/fredwatson, Space Nuts Podcast So has God made other Earth-like planets? God claims to have made the world in six days. Back then, people weren't aware of germs and bacteria in certain seafood and meats that could make them sick if not cleaned properly. Come now,and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be like crimson,they shall be as wool. Open your hearts and give him a chance please. Either scenario is possible, and very sad. I don't know, but I'm not on either side. If you have what the stronger or more advanced species wants, do you think our intelligence and reason or religion would have anything to do with the outcome? Then you compare that to the whole United States that would be our galaxy. Curious Kids: The Milky Way is huge. if god forgives his children then why would he make hell? Evolution is wrong because if we evolved from monkeys then we would still be evolving from monkeys, and humans would be evolving into different species. What i know is that GOD made the earth and everything that exists on it, no matter what the scientists say. I follow the path of science and I think it is more rational to believe in facts and proof. I'd say either believe this or your religion. it makes no sense. That doesn't make one either right or wrong. , Join our 836 patrons! --Riley. How do you think the bible made it through all these years and has survived? Here’s an article about the temperature of Earth, and here are some facts about the planet Earth. There was a big explosion. the Bible was written and inspired by the Holy Spirit, through man. spread across broad areas, forming a layer of Of course some may live, for like my granddad says, "Humans are like cockroaches." Plus in general doesn't the bible just make more sense than one day the universe came together and boom! But I do not believe in heaven or hell. A single point of 'nothingness' goes against everything we have learned from nature, but space and time are on a completely different level to nature as we know it, so it is perfectly possible for the beginning of the universe to have come from nothing, and therefore just as possible and likely that the universe will end up as 'nothing' in the future. Why? Entire lifetimes just vanishing seems awkward to me. You look like a fool. we came from men. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbJ42wpShvmkjd428BcHcCEVWOjv7cJ1G, Weekly email newsletter: So how did God create the earth in such a short time? Here's the big question. Also,i don't care what anybody thinks, it is physically impossible for every species of animal on earth to fit into a large boat. We are many years from being able to explain many things, but given the time we will. But I try not to worry about it. If you don't believe in god, then think about how you were created and where people come from. When this happened, the Passion is great on the side of religion and on the side of science. There were also some dusty remains of an old star that had exploded long ago. Earth was first created by bombardment of particles and debris from space billion years ago. Logic dictates that an alien intelligence would have taken up space travel for similar motives. Do we take a leap of faith or go based on the facts? don't you find it odd that everything on the earth that's so specific in its design could created by a freak accident? Whatever your answer for god could be the answer for the big bang theory or is god the only thing that can magically appear? So do many other dangerous natural things. How was the solar system created? For those of you who argue about the world being created by science or religion, most don't understand. First, Christians are still human. I was asking questions to try and get him to see why I don't believe in god. Most of them believe if you do something bad, it rains; something good the sun comes out. how is there a heaven and a hell. And most of the mutations are on such a small scale that we don`t even notice them. And lastly, he created Adam and Eve. Instagram – https://instagram.com/universetoday, Team: Fraser Cain – @fcain / [email protected] How was space created? The dinosaurs ruled and then died, mammals achieved ascendancy, hominids began to slowly evolve into the species we know as homo sapiens, and civilization emerged. How did you find all this info? 7)If god made earth in such a short period why didn't he leave evidence so all his children will believe in him? @Exmortis, i don't mean to be a pain but the sun didn't create the entire universe. The creation of the Earth is closely tied to the formation of the solar system about five billion years ago. About 13.7 billion years ago the universe was created around a singularity, a very, very, very, very small and hot point then by the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, strong force and weak force the expansion began. i have only gone to church once in my life and i listened to everything. The earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis? ". Anything we cannot explain: "Oh, god did it!" I'll tell you something scary now. God gives us a conscience. It makes perfect sense. Why not? We are told to be ready for it, which means we need to concentrate on being the best Christians we can be. So, that's why I don't believe in god, and the reason I don't think he created earth is because scientists have devoted their whole lives to figure out the beginning of the universe. And it's not true. When I started learning into the scientific part of it, it made more sense to me. is there some other species living 100000000000000000000000 miles away? We have scientific proof that the Big Bang Theory actually happened. brought up to where we can see them today. God didn't find it necessary to include them in the bible. The only problem is mankind has not accepted that God got it correct the first time. Whatever the cause, when the center became sufficiently dense, it ignited to become the Sun. That's not Thermodynamics, that's your body reacting against the cold. We didn't evolve from "monkeys", but a common ancestor that we share with monkeys millions of years ago. Even go take a class at a local college and learn about it. Free energy from the universe somehow binds atoms together and forms DNA and somehow this DNA can only grow and survive in what we call Earth today. He likes to make things. Rocky planets like the Earth could not have formed as part of the first wave of star formation as there was no suitable material available. As to why Earth is layered, early in its history We would be overrun with rats and frogs without them. From this, the Sun, Moon, Earth, and life as we know it were all created. Honestly aren't you guys supposed to be loving and want to spread the love for god? And More…, Episode 688: Remnants From the Early Universe. the question we must ask ourselves is are we even real? With the worst of slavery, the fight to freedom, the war, people have fought the evil and the goods. God decided it was time to create a world, so he created the light and the dark. He has also worked for the These are known as “Bok globules,” named after the astronomer Bart Bok, and can be observed today in other parts of the galaxy. You can't take a literal view of the bible due to the deception of past influences on the word of G-d (Allah). The beauty of living in a free society is that we have the absolute freedom to believe, or not believe, as we choose. I thought church going people should be nice but what they did was truly cruel. This is Galaxy NGC 4414, a spiral galaxy just like our own Milky Way. okay people, what up? and no one can answer that. Man through EM waves has been announcing his presence for 75 years, yet our only preparation has been good science fiction writing. Science and religion love to fight in an unending battle. I think that the only way to solve this issue is to stop brainwashing children. Listen here, Episode 51: Earth. Sounds strange, but as a Christian, I believe it is true. In all, I agree with some and not so much with others. it's based in God and his love. How was the sun created when there was nothing for it to be created from? so where did every thing start? i don't think so). He set things in motion. We don't know that He did. And for some reason to live and that there is no point in life. i would say it is around 4000 years old. One is entitled to believe in whom wants to believe in, whether religions or science, but one must never try to change the other's views. 8) the bible stated the earth was going to come to an end right? So why write the bible? Even though scientists have a more logical side to things, they're still debating and questioning on how the earth works and how it was created. Recently it has been shown that one of ours was created by the linking up of two of them! Honestly, I think these research will always end up being futile. the reason is pretty simple as i explained earlier in these posts: that "something cannot be created by nothing" and there is no such thing called as eternal, etc., etc. i do believe that God created the heavens and the earth, and some of you put that the world was created by lava from an asteroid but where did the asteroid or the lava come from? was he just created like that and decided to do things? Then they found the oldest rocks, older than the Bible. Look at computers. The Proto-Earth Phase. He's just a fraud. My personal opinion is that religion was created for social control in the early days.

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