So, that’s a no, then? That’s ridiculous. With Julia Davis, Alexandra Roach, Alex Macqueen, Rufus Jones. Helene confesses to feeling a little guilty about the whole thing and Foggerty promises to talk to Hester and see how she’s doing. Dorothy then goes to change Edmund’s nappy and ‘creams his mushroom’ a little too enthusiastically, while Edmund moans pathetically. Hester then drops a fresh bomb: she’s pregnant. 1.

Edmund, the master of Hunderby and the local vicar, had married Helene, a woman with a mysterious past and the permanent look of a freshly landed fish. Negotiating Dorothy's wicked schemes grows increasingly tricky when she's also blamed for the deteriorating health of Mother Mathilde. Dorothy weeps and says she just wants to offer the poor man relief from his suffering and tries to lay the blame on Hester. She claims Helene now looks like an ‘exploded shark’ which is an image that’s not leaving my mind anytime soon. Julia Davis brings her brand of dark humor to the 1830s in this acclaimed period comedy. Surely he’d have seen for himself that all was normal? She then grabs Edmund’s hand and makes it seem like he’s feeling her up, giggling that he’s ‘quite the lusty octopus’ these days. She warns him that people will talk and offers herself as a candidate, which gets a spit-take out of him.

And he’ll get to inherit Hunderby someday. The odds of this going hideously wrong are only slightly better than at Downton Abbey. And now he’s worried Pastor John will also misunderstand Joseph’s ‘unique method.’ That method seems to involve him using his finger to ‘bring people closer to God.’ Make of that what you will. Hester is delighted by this turn of events, because it means their marriage is still ok. She merrily tells him they can go on with their lives. This time of year, a lot of people (for better and for worse) wind up spending a lot of time with their families. INFOS & LISTE DES ÉPISODES - Episode : 01 - Episode : 02 - Episode : 03 - Episode : 04 - Episode : 05 - Episode : 06 - Episode : 07 - Episode : 08.

Left alone, Edmund spies another young man, who emerges from behind a tree not at all suggestively playing a pipe. Il ya actuellement 15289 articles sur notre site. The series first aired on August 27, 2014. Apparently, poor Ruth has Vague Plague, which was so common in 19, Yay, another dinner party at Hunderby! First broadcast: Monday 27 th August 2012. Dorothy proposes a toast, supposedly to Edmund and his return to health, but also to herself for being the reason for his recovery.

Dorothy rolls up with Edmund, still kind of a mess, though at least he’s stopped frothing. He explains that he just wanted to see if she’s happy and comfortable there. Edmund’s doing better and relaxing with Joseph and says he’s really perplexed by everything that’s happened, as well as his sudden status as father and grandfather, since he has no memory of ever having raped Dorothy. Foggerty says they’re going to have to detox Edmund, which isn’t going to be fun. It’s just such lazy writing, and hardly anyone actually does this. She warns him that people will talk and offers herself as a candidate, which gets a spit-take out of him.

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