All deadlines, cutoff periods and approval deadlines are accessible via the Payroll calendars link under QUICK LINKS, and include the deadlines for time entry and approval, scholarship entry and approval deadlines. With over 30 years experience in the staffing industry, ISCS will help you with Temporary Labour solutions, Temp to Perm placement, Permanent placement … NEED HELP? On September 21, 2020, Immigrant Services Calgary is initiating a transformation in the way newcomers to southern Alberta access the support they need to become thriving members of Canadian society. If you have not entered your banking information in the my.ucalgary  portal, or provided it directly to the Payroll Department we have likely issued a cheque and mailed your payment to your mailing address on file. Thank you for not wearing fragrances. Please note that if you do not have any applicable exemptions you do not need to complete these forms and only when your personal situation changes do you need to complete new forms. The Federal TD2 form can be found here, under Payroll. The university’s taxation year includes earnings paid from December 16 up to and including December 15 each year.

Log in to the portal and select 'All about me', 403.220.3545 |, University of Calgary COVID-19 Update: ISC is reopening select locations to the public for in-person customer service by appointment only, beginning August 4, 2020.

If you believe there is an error or something is missing, please contact the payroll department at How do I enter my time? CONTACT THE ISC | Finance | University of Calgary Examples:Time worked from March 1 – 15 is paid on March 23, 2019 pay dateTime worked from March 16 -31 is paid on April 10, 2019 pay date. If it has been at least 3 weeks from the date you expected payment and have not received a cheque please contact the payroll department at, If you have entered your banking information or have provided it to payroll but do not see your monies in your bank account, please contact the payroll department at Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 Human Resources This means your CPP and EI deductions reset and you must now begin those deductions again until you have met the current year’s maximum deductions. You have more than one employer and will receive salary, wages, commissions, or any other remuneration; You want to change exemption amounts you had previously claimed (for example, you are no longer eligible to claim the tuition amount, your spousal returns to work); You want to begin or change the amount of additional taxes withheld from your pay. How do I enter my time? Information for SALARIED employees. : Vacation, Sick, and Personal Days etc. This method promotes timely payments, compliance requirements, cost reduction and environmental awareness. It supports the University of Calgary’s academic and research plans as well as the Indigenous, mental health and sustainability strategies. How do I request this? T2N 1N4, Copyright © 2020 CONTACT THE ISC: MAIN CAMPUS Math Sciences 773 Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Research Accounting works with researchers and project holders to ensure funds are spent and recorded in accordance with the terms, conditions and regulations provided by the sponsor and/or policies and procedures of the university. If you have to enter time for more than two pay periods in the past, please complete a manual timesheet ( go to Forms and click on Payroll) and email it to Stanley Ukaga - Volunteer of the Month for Oct 2020, Immigrant Services Calgary to Launch Transformational Initiative, Innovative new approach launched to bolster immigrants’ integration success, Eva Zhu - Volunteer of the Month for Sept 2020, Job Posting: Curriculum Development Specialist, NEED HELP? In order to be paid, hourly employees must enter all hours they work each day.

Employees that are required to enter their time should do so in the same pay period in which the time or absence occurred. Calgary, Alberta (September 21, 2020) – Immigrant Services Calgary is initiating a transformation in the way newcomers to southern Alberta access the support they need to become thriving members of Canadian society. The university pay dates are on a semi-monthly frequency for all employees. For access to the forms please click here and then click on Payroll. He has acted as a notetaker and facilitator for virtual community meetings, as well as a workshop assistant for ISC’s Online Citizenship Study Classes. All employment income is subject to an income tax deduction which is deducted from your earnings. Depending on Federal and/or Provincial budget changes there may be an impact to your income tax as well. ISC keeps track of ownership, mortgages and land use throughout the province. ISCS prides itself on the reputation of its founders. The time entered is sent to your direct report (or project holder for project hourly employees) for approval and is processed in the pay period in which the time was worked and entered. Your first pay date in January is the beginning of a new tax year. Privacy Policy. For help in entering your timesheet please refer to the guide below or contact the Integrated Service Centre at or via phone at 403-220-5932. Employees who are 65-70 and have completed a CPT30 Election to Stop Contributing to the Canada Pension Plan or Revocation of Prior Election can be exempt. Research Accounting is responsible for the post-award financial administration of all sponsored research and restricted funding at the University of Calgary.; Directory of People. I received my pay but it looks incorrect. How do I view and/or print my pay statement? See our COVID-19 Updates page for information.. Visit our corporate website for information about Careers, Community Investment and the Century Family Farm Award. You must complete both the Federal (TD1) and Provincial (TD1AB) forms and forward them to the Payroll Department in order to receive tax exemptions. Information for HOURLY staff. How do I add or update my direct deposit information? Pay dates are on the 10th and the 25th of each month or the day prior when payday falls on a non-working day. must enter this time into their timesheet in order for it to be approved and paid. Payroll functions to support all UCalgary employees, including unionized, non-unionized, management, senior and executive leaders as well as academic staff. All time worked by hourly employees should be entered into the timesheet by accessing portal and clicking on all about me > report time. He has been an invaluable supporter of many of the virtual workshops and trainings we have held since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Please join us in congratulating Stanley Ukaga, for being nominated Immigrant Services Calgary’s volunteer of the month for October 2020! We will withhold the requested additional amount on the next available pay date. Salaried employees will be paid their regular base salary however on scheduled days of work, if they are absent, they must enter the appropriate leave code i.e.

If Service Canada does not have your ROE please contact payroll at and include your name, UCID and the time frame you were employed by the university. Please join us in congratulating Stanley Ukaga, for being nominated Immigrant Services Calgary’s volunteer of the month for October 2020! The first pay date in January is the start of each tax year for contributions and accumulation of insurable earnings. The university’s primary method of payment is in Canadian funds and by direct deposit. Once we receive your completed forms we will process your requested changes on the next available pay date. CPP contributions are mandatory for all employees with pensionable employment during the year, who are not considered to be disabled (drawing CPP disability benefit) and are 18 – 70 years of age. Your pay statement is a report of your personal income, taxes, and deductions. I would like to have extra taxes taken from my pay. The Personal Tax Credits Return forms are used to determine the amount of income tax deducted off your pay. Stanley began volunteering with us in January of this year, and quickly got involved in helping with community and ISC programs.

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