Medal of Honor Underground was released in October 2000, 12 months after the original. We had a level based on Colditz Castle that we had to cut from the original MOH just because we didn't have the time to do it. It is a solemn and official event to honor the recipient, and to recognize their bravery and sacrifice in the name of freedom. Matt Hall's concept art may have promised more than the game itself delivers, but Underground has aged far better than other PlayStation titles of the era. It's all tremendous fun. "[10], Producer Scott J. Langteau showcased the game at the E3 2000 along with Tony Rowe and Lynn Henson. Hirschmann decided to bring back a non-player character from the first game, French Resistance fighter Manon Batiste, and make her the star of game number two. Knights also make a loud clanking noise as they move due to their armor, which is a tell-tale sign that one is approaching. In 2002, the game was re-released in Europe as part of the compilation Medal of Honor / Medal of Honor: Underground. But by the time that the financial success of the resultant Medal of Honor had become clear, Spielberg had prematurely sold his company to Electronic Arts (EA), which found itself the caretaker of a potentially-lucrative new franchise - if it didn't scupper its chances with a poor first sequel. A version of Medal of Honor: Underground was released for Game Boy Advance on November 25, 2002. "[20] William Abner similarly described the same version as "a refreshing change of pace because you played Manon Batiste, a woman enlisted in the French Resistance. “I think more of our team's individuality comes through in Underground, which I encouraged, because if they're passionate about it, it's going to be good.”, Henson had been pleased with the quality of the first game: “Our weapons were good, our enemies were wily. The Legion of Honor is divided into five various degrees: The Legion of Honor medal can be given by other members of the Order or by French ambassadors stationed in a foreign country. That's what we tried to do, anyway. Tekken 3. Not that Underground was deemed unimportant. Watch the interactive movie and save if you like. Crash Bandicoot. This only includes ground, airspace and coastal waters. Peter told me to just remove an enemy somewhere.”. - Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Sony PlayStation 2 / PS2, 2003) Complete CIB. We've got explosions, things that break when you shoot them. - Medal Of Honor Underground PlayStation 1 PS1 Complete With Manual 2000, - Medal of Honor: Underground (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) PS1 PSX PS Honour, - PS1 Medal of Honor: Underground Sony EA games Rare Shooter, - Medal Of Honor Underground PlayStation 1 PS1 Video Game (2000) - Complete Tested, - Medal of Honor Underground PS1 PlayStation 1 pal version new sealed, - PS1 - Medal of Honor Underground (GH) (EA,2000) - CIC, - Metal of Honor Underground (Sony PS1)PlayStation 1 W/ manual Tested & Works, - Medal of Honor: Underground (Sony PlayStation 1) PS1 Complete Tested, - Medal of Honor: Underground (PS1 PlayStation 1) - DISC ONLY Tested & Working, - MEDAL OF HONOR UNDERGROUND PLAYSTATION PS1 GOOD, - Medal of Honor Underground (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) PS1 VGC PS2 Black Label, - Medal of Honor Honour Underground Sony PlayStation PS1 Complete PAL Black Label, - Medal of Honor: Underground (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) PS1 Game Disc Only, - Medal of Honor Underground (Sony PlayStation 1) Ps1 Complete game Black Label, - MEDAL OF HONOR UNDERGROUND PLATINUM - SONY PSONE PS1 GAME - UK PAL, - Medal Of Honor Underground (Sony PlayStation 1 PS1, 2000), Complete, Black Label, Medal of Honor; Underground - Playstation 1 PS1 - PAL - complete in box (CIB), - Medal of Honor Ps1 PlayStation 1 Greatest Hits.

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