Known as the Jedi Exile after the Mandalorian Wars, she was a Human female Jedi Master. –. Rapidly rising through the ranks Meetra became Revan's top general but also like him began to grow more callous and ruthless during the course of the war. "The word." since After escaping the warzone of Darth Nyriss' compound, the trio of Jedi and Sith learned that the Emperor had done far more than move against her. All I see on any Jedi Council is "Jedi Master" all I here "Padamans" call high ranking members or teachers on the movies and books. Ultimately Meetra gathered together a handful of surviving Jedi Masters, only for them to turn on her. She eventually found Revan imprisoned on Dromund Kaas, the capital world of a Sith Empire, believed to have been destroyed over a thousand years prior. Revan referred to her as his most trusted general. At any rate, though, any canonical class could indeed be confirmed for Surik at any point, so I do not offer my evidence and conclusion as unshakably concrete. She also became one of the few Jedi capable of using Dun Möch, especially in a duel against Darth Sion who could not be defeated by normal means. He had a brief moment of recognition before passing out from the flood of his life's memories returning to him. As for the exile, the canon is female light side called Meetra Surik. In the next few days, crew aboard the ship began to disappear; when Darth Sion finally awoke, saying that he had come for the Jedi, cloaked Sith assassins revealed themselves and slaughtered the ship's crew "en masse." He's indeed quoted as saying that "History remembers her as the Exile, to me she was...more". The bait was a battered and weakened fleet, consisting of troops loyal to Revan, led by Surik. As a student in the Jedi Order who needed a Master, Mical wanted Surik to be his Master above all else. Archived. However, neither Sion nor Surik were willing to back down, and they battled. There are now three sources with updated information and her personality + powers and abilities pages are lacking as well, I would do so myself but apparently my editing wasn't deemed 'neutral' or professional enough, despite being written in the same vein as the Revan page is, which by the way is filled with "he's awesome" statements, not exactly neutral either. Before escaping the planet, Surik ordered Bao-Dur to reactivate the Mass Shadow Generator and destroy Malachor for good. They stated that she carried the deaths of all who died in the battle within her, and that she regained her connection to the Force by feeding on death and leeching the life energy of her companions. I haven't played vanilla KotOR II in years. Locate the remaining Jedi Masters (succeeded).Stop the Sith Triumvirate (succeeded).Help as many people as possible (succeeded).Help Revan stop the Sith Emperor. She then assisted Talia's forces in fighting Vaklu's soldiers, killing all but four. A picture of her when she's dead, even if it's a newer image of her, doesn't seem proper. No information Following her banishment from the Order she became a hermit before reconnecting with the Force and saving the Galaxy from the Sith Triumvirate led by Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion. The Jedi she trained would go on to resurrect the all-but-decimated Jedi Order. After all both Revan and Jaden Korr are canonically male but if you play them as females in the games the names stay the same. However, the Dark Lord would recover from the fatal injuries and keep fighting. [2], After three hundred years as the Emperor's prisoner, Revan was released by agents of the Republic and the Jedi Order. The Harbinger, a Republic cruiser bound for Onderon, had been ordered by the Republic admiral Carth Onasi—a veteran of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War—to abort the planned trip and head to the Outer Rim in order to pick up Surik. What was her lughtsaber … Rising to the rank of Jedi Knight during the conflict, she served with distinction under the command of her fellow Crusaders Revan and Malak and was eventually commissioned as a General in the Republic Military. The small conspiracy reasoned it likely that the Emperor was purging the Council as a pretext for replacing its members with lackeys who would not defy his plot to attack the Republic. Cheers. I'll always think of the character as the Jedi Exile, and I tend regard other companies retconning things later with a high degree of cynicism. Atton Rand (informal)[5]Bao-Dur (informal)[7]Brianna (informal)[9]Mical (informal)[3]Mira (informal)[10]Visas Marr (informal)[3] Bao-Dur, the Zabrak tech specialist who served under Surik during the Mandalorian Wars, aided in its construction, having learned the subtleties in the time he spent around Jedi. The Ebon Hawk, a small freighter that once had played a major role in the Jedi Civil War, also seemingly deserted, was picked up as well. Surik played a vital role in defeating the Mandalorians during the latter stages of the conflict, but as a direct result of her controversial actions during the cataclysmic final battle, she effectively cut her connection to the Force. The Exile freed him, although he berated her for doing so. Reaching out to companions.Helping others.Teaching the ways of the Jedi to others (depending on the player). Meetra makes a brief appearance in the earlier stages of the story, taking part in investigating the Tomorrow establishment headed by Elliot Carver, but eventually tapers off, presumably helping Harper Row conduct background investigations. The Exile fought through the academy alone, easily tearing through the resistance provided by Sion's henchmen, who had now once more allied himself with Kreia. Meetra Surik is within the scope of WookieeProject Knights of the Old Republic, an attempt to build comprehensive and detailed articles with topics originating in the Knights of the Old Republic metaseries. [2], During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, Meetra Surik's spirit contacted the Jedi Master Oteg and instructed him to liberate an important Jedi from Sith captivity. After Kreia awoke and told Surik that they had to find a way off the station, she found the facility to be completely abandoned except for malfunctioning mining droids, which attacked Surik on sight. The quality of this image is WAY better then the crappy sketch we have for a inbox picture. If Surik's Jedi class has been canonically established elsewhere (e.g. Most likely his, since he works for Bioware and Bioware hated Obsidian for making a better game. I don't think we can just *choose* a picture that way. With Revan's resolve restored, Meetra Surik disappeared once more. From there she and those of her allies who she had taught to be Jedi set about rebuilding the Jedi Order. -- DigiFluid 14:32, January 12, 2012 (UTC), I know cyan and blue are basically the same, but Revan describes her as wielding a blue lightsaber, and we only know that Meetra's saber was cyan during the Mandalorian Wars? The only difference would be the number of "force points" and "health" with other abilities having less or more points to spend in and the rate of learning "feats" and force abilities. The Jedi Exile's entire existence and all information about her is Legends, not Canon.--, Maybe it's because she's more good-looking in the drawing? After Kavar left to fight the Mandalorians in the early skirmishes, she trained under many Masters, including Vima Sunrider,[3] daughter of the famed Nomi Sunrider. [4], The alternate dark-side storyline differs in the fates of the planets that Surik visits; Onderon is usurped by Vaklu, Dantooine is captured by Azkul and his mercenaries, Telos becomes a world of machines due to its Czerka takeover, and Malachor V remains intact. Sometime later, the Exile returned to Onderon, picking a side in the political struggle and fighting in the brief civil war on that planet. Meetra agreed to help Atris find the lost Jedi and went in search of them. Satisfied that their bond would soon be no more, Kreia requested at Surik to finish her. Since the Master prestige class is not restricted to a specific class with enough influence on Kreia, it could be that an unorthodox albeit possible path came off it. Were not droids, people. On their way they were forced to plant an explosive charge where one group of Mandalorians had failed. After gaining contact with Jedi Master Kavar in the Iziz Cantina, Tobin interrupted the meeting, forcing Kavar to flee, but not without promising to contact her when he was able. Hobby Unbeknownst to them, this Sith was Lord Scourge. After Kavar left to fight the Mandalorians in the early skirmishes, she trained under many Masters, including Vima Sunrider, daughter of the famed Nomi Sunrider. After Brianna defeated her sisters, Atris confronted and tortured her with Force lightning, out of jealousy. Both Khoonda and Azkul wanted Surik on their side, but she decided to help Khoonda. [26] She could also speak and comprehend Basic, Huttese, Mando'a, and Tchuukthese without the aid of a translator. --JederCoulious (talk) 19:28, February 4, 2014 (UTC)JederCoulious, I have played and finished both games many times with every classes possible and I can say that you can play as a Jedi Guardian with every "force powers" as a Jedi Consular in both games. Following this, the Exile journeyed to the Telos Academy, where she discovered Atris had fallen to the Dark Side. After she helped him escape and communicated with the utility droid, T3-M4, Rand commented that it must have been tough considering how she could not have a family or husband. The same is not true for Meetra. After the defeat of Traya and the Triumvirate, Surik returned to Dantooine to complete her retraining as a Jedi. Because of this she was exiled from the Jedi High Council and came to be known as the "Jedi Exile". I agree with Trayus, the image is very low res; it visibly pixelated at the dimensions it's been upload at, which clearly isn't the original size. Through this action, the exile created an echo in the Force that led her to unconsciously cut herself off from the Force, so as to avoid the incredible pain caused by the death of so many. After a brief duel aboard the Ebon Hawk, the Exile defeated her, but spared her life, convincing her to return to the light. Second, I want to mention the way she looks. The droid stubbornly refused to show the information to anyone other than Bastila Shan, and so Surik took the droid to Shan's home on Coruscant. She is guardian (the novel says her blade is blue) The four fled to the only location in the Ebon Hawk's navicomputer, Telos IV. send you an email once approved. Together, the two watched as T3 revealed that the Ebon Hawk had crashed on the dead planet Nathema, once a member world of the Sith Empire. Ironically, this punishment ultimately proved to be her salvation. Jedi Exile turned Jedi Master Because of this she was exiled from the Jedi High Council and came to be known as the "Jedi … She then helped Mandalore in finding scattered clans on Nar Shaddaa and Dantooine. [2], At the beginning of the game, the player may customize Surik's Jedi class, appearance, and name. It was also because of the nature of such wounds to feed on death that Surik began to regain her Force connection on Peragus II, after all the personnel were killed by HK-50's machinations.[source?] I had hoped I could train you to eventually replace me. Following this cruel exile, she wandered the edges of space for a decade, learning to live without the Force and survived on the edge of civilization. Thus this might also apply to the Jedi Exile. That exactly is the situation currently: none of the game faces are canon until some source states otherwise.

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