Answer: Agra, 13. (a) David Hasselhoff on Britain’s Got Talent (b) Alesha Dixon on Strictly Come Dancing (c) Cheryl Cole on The X Factor UK (d) Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, In early Victorian Times who were called Pythagoreans? Answer: True, 26. Which among the following is a symbol for Peace? 20. b) 6 b) Dollar A) Newfoundland and Labrador B) New Brunswick C) Ontario D) Nova Scotia. We've got an epic 100 questions and answers for you - divided into ten rounds. a) 5 b) Aristotle What is Sara Mendes da Costa best known for: (a)voice of the speaking clock, (b)being the wife of Nick Clegg, or (b)former President of the European Parliament? Of all the wood produced in the world, what percentage of it is used for energy? A nerve in the brain b. '). The capacity to produce enough food to feed everyone in the world is more adequate .True or False? Name the other house of the Parliament of US other than the House of Representatives? Jimmy. a) 2% b) 3% c) 1% d) 4% Answer: 1% . d) Port Elizabeth, South Africa d) 99% Harry Styles. Answer: Cocoa, 31. More than 50% of the world’s population is using internet as a part of their daily routine. c) Sweden What is the technical term for a lack of oxygen in the body: (a)Hypercapnia, (b)Holism. Which pop duo was the first western band to play in China: (a)Wham!, (b)Hall and Oats, or (c)Pet Shop Boys? a) Avocado d) Senate b) False a) Aerospace a) 27% What percentage of the world’s population suffers from hunger? or (c)Farmer? b) Kiev Answer: Senate, 5. Answer: 31%, 24. (a) A penguin and a polar bear (b) A leopard and a cheetah (c) A gorilla and an orang-utan (d) A lemur and a wallaby ; Which of these inventions could Queen Victoria have never seen? [cr][cr]Find the … a) 2% Answer: Japan, 38. In 1993, Jacqueline Gold became managing director of which retail chain: (a)Ann Harvey, (b)Ann Summers, or (c)Woolworths? Answer: Stockholm, 30. 50 Multiple Choice GK Questions and Answers, Basic Civil Engineering GK Questions about Bricks and Blocks, Arts and Culture in Different Places - General Knowledge. ‘The Colosseum ‘is located in which country? 4. 1959. 28. Answer: Angel Falls, 42. 23. < Kids Christmas Quiz 21. b) Japan What percentage of the world’s population would be living in cities, by 2030? Answer: Poland, 34. c) Renminbi ‘International Year of Plant Earth’ was celebrated in _ Among, the following religion, name the second – highest in the world? Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Part 4 . Hugo Drax is a Bond villain in which 007 film: (a)Octopussy, (b)You Only Live Twice, or (c)Moonraker? Answer: Tugela Falls, 44. b) Brazil The symbol for truce is _ 22. c) China 10. a) Larry Page ‘Brown Revolution’ is associated with _ You can find the correct answers at the end of this quiz. Return to our main Multiple Choice Questions and Answers page Welcome to our Multiple Choice Trivia Page. d) 75% Philadelphia. Welcome to our Multiple Choice Questions Page. Answer: 50%, 10. What does the Sikh surname 'Singh' mean: (a)Lion, (b)Master. Wham: Simon and Garfunkel: Chas and Dave: Right Said Fred: A: 2: Timber selected from how many fully grown oak trees were needed to build a large 3 decker Royal Navy battle ship in the 18th century? What percentage of their income do the poor worldwide spend on food? Stonehenge (and gave it to the nation three years late), Margaret Thatcher (11 years, 209 days; Tony Blair served 10 years, 56 days), Australia's tallest building (Queensland Number 1). In which year did Old West legend Wyatt Earp die: (a)1869, (b)1899, or (c)1929? The percentage of children died due to the cause of malnutrition is? How long does it take Pluto to orbit the Sun: (a)248 years, (b)24 years, or (c)24 months? The Black Pearl. b) Steve Ballmer d)60% Gunther. A multi-axled vehicle c. A type of mortice lock d. A species of salamander. Answer: Christianity, 3. (a) St. James' Park, Newcastle (b) Anfield, Liverpool (c) Villa Park, Aston Villa (d) Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, Tribology is the science of what? > Fun Facts for Kids, Which of these pairs of animals are most likely to meet in the wild? In which city was Mother Theresa born: (a)Skopje, (b)Tirana, or (c)Zagreb? Name the son of King Henry VIII who was king of England until his death aged just 15: (a)Edward IV, (b)Edward V, or (c)Edward VI? Answer: South Korea, 47. b) Salvador By what name do we better know Roger Dawson: (a)the Beano magazine's Roger the Dodger, (b)singer Roger Whittaker, or (c)actor Roger Moore? Answer: Moscow, 36. a) 7.6 Million d) Jog Falls a) 12% Chinese. a) 27% b) 30% c) 24% d) 25% Answer: 25% . b) 15% a)True d) Saint Petersburg Which among the following city is called as ‘The Venice of the North ‘? In which century did Nostradamus live: (a)14th Century, (b)15th Century, or (c)16th Century? Which among the following is the largest forest in the world? (a)Endeavour, (b)Discovery, or (c)Endurance? c) Pound b) Tugela Falls What percentage of land area do the mountains cover? c) 4 c) USA c) Socrates Canada (since 1981, it was tradition that the U.S. president's first foreign visit should be to Canada), Beautiful view ('Magnificent desolation' was his second sentence in reply to Armstrong's 'isn't it magnificent? Answer: Marae Moana, 45. c) 1789 1. d)Nothing a)Selicate Answer: 60%, Read Tough General Knowledge Questions with Answers, Tough General Knowledge Questions with Answers, Sports General Knowledge Questions with Answers. Which is the second tallest waterfall in the world? Which industry is known for being the largest consumers of water? c) 45% c) White Flag Answer: 5, 20. c) Wular Lake (a)Amsterdam, (b)Paris, or (c)London? b) Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Rosh Hashanah. d) New Zealand Dollar a) Hinduism In which year did transportation to Australia officially end: (a)1788, (b)1828, or (c)1868? Answer: 38.5%, 21. a. Answer: Olive Branch, 14. b) Education 17. 8. Which foot did Neil Armstrong put on the moon first: (a)left, (b)right, or (c)both at the same time? d) Helsinki b) Twice Currently, the CEO of Facebook is _ > Kids Quiz 4 d) 2010 c) Kings Park The multiple choice trivia questions and answers are the best way to test your knowledge and other than this you can easily increase your knowledge. b) Finland A heart. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What is the number more than one in which children worldwide under the age of 5 are stunted due to chronic malnutrition? d) 75% Commodores. Multiple Choice I Which of these pairs of animals are most likely to meet in the wild? a) North Korea b) 90% a) Angel Falls b) 39% What in Australia is 'Q1': (a)Australia's tallest building, (b)the Prime Minister's official aircraft, or (c)the main national radio station? d) Ministry of Intelligence 7. Answer: White Flag, 32. d) Lake Erie If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. d) Canadian Dollar c) Tugela Falls 14. Which of these inventions could Queen Victoria have never seen: (a)telephone, (b)Coca Cola, or (c)teabags? Answer: 11%, 25. > Kids Quiz 3 Other than India, which country is Hindi an official language: (a)Fiji, (b)Sri Lanka, or (c)Bangladesh? 26. c) Coconut Where did the 1996Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of XXVI Olympiad held? c) Nothing Answer: Sundar Pichai, 33. b) 3% d) 6 What were the first words spoken by Buzz Adrin on the moon: (a)beautiful view, (b)that sun is bright, or (c)Neil, I'm out here? Kansas. b) Buddhism 12. b) Garden of Gods > Kids Quiz 2 d) Payroll Tax 27. Hummingbird. c) Goods and Services Tax (GST) The Battle of Hastings was fought in which month: (a)March, (b)June, or (c)October? Answer: False, 6. If you don’t know how to play multiple trivia questions and answers game with your friends or family then don’t worry check below. Who was the first English author to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature: (a)Rudyard Kipling, (b)William Golding, or (c) Sir Winston Churchill? a) Oslo What was founded in 1953 by London vicar Chad Varah: (a)the samaritans, (b)oxfam, (c)citizens advice bureaus, or (d)amnesty international? What is the currency of New Zealand? c) Eduardo Saverin d) 4% a) Europe The approximate global population is _ d)Milan How long would a manned space flight to Mars roughly take: (a)7 weeks, (b)7 months, or (c)7 years? Answer: Caspian Sea, 16. The supermarket giant Morrisons and the mail order catalogue company Grattan PLC both have their headquarters in which city: (a)Bradford, (b)Birmingham, or (c)Bristol? 13. … c) Iguazu Falls d)65% Answer: Satya Nadella, 50. c) Infra Nooyi (a) Beekeeper (b) Bookkeeper (c) Accountant (d) Zoo keeper. d) Varanasi Answer: 1%, 18. Answer: 70%, 40. Multiple Choice GK Questions and Answers Part 2 (Questions 17-31) 17. 1: Which pop duo was the first western band to play in The Peoples Republic of China? (a) A penguin and a polar bear (b) A leopard and a cheetah (c) A gorilla and an orang-utan (d) A lemur and a wallaby, Which of these inventions could Queen Victoria have never seen? d) Herodotus (a) Vegetarians (b) Mathematicians (c) Freemasons (d) Suffragettes, A device capable of storing electricity consisting of conducting plates separated by a layer of insulating material is given what name? The biggest protected area in the world is _ What is the last name of Chandler, a fictional character from the sitcom. Multiple choice general knowledge questions on different topics. Who was born on May 12, 1956, and raised on a farm: (a)Bill Clinton,(b)Barbie, or (c)Homer Simpson? AB-Negative. d) 25% (a) Greek (b) Bulgarian (c) Cyrillic (d) Hebrew, What was Sir Edmund Hillary's official occupation? 18. d) Black and white flag b) 30% c) Australia The Danish name for the Faroe Islands translates as: (a)the islands of sheep, (b)the land of hermits, or (c)the windy islands? c) 2007 b) Angel Falls Answer: 4, 11. The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, commonly known as the Saint Basils Cathedral is located in which place ? Bono. Answer: USA, 49. 1. b) 50% b) Caspian Sea A box of chocolates. Name the city, where Taj Mahal is located in India? a) Rio De Janeiro Which European city has more bridges inside its city limits than any other city in the world: (a)London, (b)Hamburg, or (c)Amsterdam? c) Copenhagen What did Cecil Chubb buy at auction for £6,600 in 1915: (a)London Bridge, (b)Mount Everest, or (c)Stonehenge? c) 70% A three-day music festival known as the Orange Festival is celebrated in which country? d) Marae Moana b) Swiss franc c) 55% c) Agra Your email address will not be published. Answer: Aristotle, 23. 16. b) 45% Answer: 7.6 billion, 27. the lead singer of U2, gets his nickname from what: (a)a hearing aid, (b)a mouth organ, or (c)reading glasses? A) Brazil 3. a) Russia a) Federal Security Bureau (FSB) What percentage of global land area do the forest cover? b) Australia c)Neither True or False b)Democratic party 3. 6. Questions I In which year did transportation to Australia officially end: (a)1788, (b)1828, or (c)1868? 2. Which of the Baltic states is the most northern: (a)Estonia, (b)Latvia, or (c)Lithuania? a) Delhi What percentage of land area do the mountains cover? Which two countries border Liechtenstein: (a)Germany and Austria, (b) Switzerland and Austria, or (c)Germany and Switzerland? 19. b) Hinduism Answer: Islam, 17. Venus. A premier agency of Intelligence of Pakistan is _ 19. a) Once b) Black flag a) London Iron. c) The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 206. 2. b) Mangosteen d) Islam Which among the following is the world’s largest lake? c) Islam Dunkirk. a) 31% c) America Answer: New Zealand Dollar, 41. d) Porto Alegre d) Norway (a) Dynamo (b) Transistor (c) Battery (d) Capacitor, Which of these countries is closest to the Isle of Man? a) 41.6% a) Galen d) UK Which British Prime Minister was the longest serving in the 20th Century: (a)Sir Winston Churchill, (b)Margaret Thatcher, or (c)Tony Blair?

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