AN ex-prime minister of France got a prison term yesterday for using public funds to pay his British wife £1million for work she never did. 'It is too early yet to heave a sigh of relief, the election is not over,' he said. The lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, joined the proceedings as a civil plaintiff. Both have reportedly denied the charges. The pair met when Mrs Trogneux, then married with three children, was his French and drama teacher at his high school in Amiens, northern France. ',' Miss Trogneux told Paris Match magazine last year. ', Macron is a former member of the Socialist Party, but became an independent politician in 2009. BREAKING: Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon and his wife found guilty of fraud for using public funds for nonexistent political jobs. Shoppers are left baffled as vegan BUTCHER is set to launch offering trendy... ANDREW PIERCE: How darkly ironic that free school meals were a TORY idea... shot down by the Left. The vote took place under heavy security after Thursday's killing of a policeman on Paris's Champs-Elysees avenue claimed by the Islamic State group. Macron also drew immediate support from his defeated rivals from the Socialists and Republicans. She is now at center stage of a fraud trial in Paris for well-paid, public-funded jobs as an aide to her husband she allegedly did not perform. He left French politics in 2017 and now works for an asset management company. Instead, former Prime Minister Francois Fillon is going on trial to face fraud charges after he used public funds to richly pay his wife and children for work they allegedly never performed. Penelope Fillon, 64, told the court how she came to France to study literature, met Fillon and got married in 1980. website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. With France still under the state of emergency imposed after the Paris attacks of November 2015, around 50,000 police and 7,000 soldiers were deployed to guard voters. Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser at Allianz, said: 'While markets had deemed a Le Pen-Macron (run-off) as the most likely outcome, there was an element of uncertainty. Footage of the obvious closeness between the middle aged drama teacher and the teenage future presidential favourite comes as a clip emerged of Miss Trogneux appearing to suggest her husband is good in bed. After working as a public servant, he became an investment banker at Rothschild, before becoming an economic . Macron's victory dinner celebrations at Paris's upscale Rotonde restaurant amounted to 'bling-bling biz,' he said. Britain's first forecourt for electric cars is set to open next month. . PARIS (AP) — For over three decades, Penelope Fillon was the very discreet wife of a prominent politician who became France’s prime minister. His wife, Penelope Fillon, has been charged mostly as an accomplice. In a 151-page document seen by The Associated Press ordering the case to trial, investigative judges said the probe showed that Penelope Fillon’s activities were in line with the traditional role of an elected official’s partner — but in no way equivalent to the tasks of a parliamentary assistant. Once the front-runner in the 2017 presidential election, Fillon, 65, has denied wrongdoing. movement, meaning On The Move, saying he wanted it to unite the left and right. The result of the second round vote on May 7 will have major implications for Britain and its departure from the EU. Miss Trogneux last night stood by her husband waving and grinning broadly after he won first place ahead of National Front leader Marine Le Pen in the first round of the country's presidential elections. “Meeting with voters, getting the children from school, going shopping or reading mails is not intended to be a paid work.”. The former Prime Minister of France François Fillon and his wife were found guilty of embezzling public funds Monday. The prime minister of the French Republic (French: Premier ministre français), sometimes shortened to premier, is the head of the executive of the government of France.The prime minister is the holder of the second highest office of France. Then Brigitte Auziere, a married mother of three, she was supervising the drama club. More from : Bullied Australian boy has 'best day of his life' as he leads out rugby team, mom says (Onwards!) The relationship started after Mr Macron acted in Miss Trogneux's theatre pieces when he was aged just 18 at a private Jesuit school in Amiens, northern France. Copyright © 2020 by WTOP. 'Now that this has been lifted, there will be a relief rally, bolstered by how quickly the mainstream candidates... have endorsed Macron, the market's favorite.'. Copyright © 2020 The Associated Press. François said the separation of powers denies the justice department the right to interfere with how a lawmaker organizes his work at his office. Le Pen said the second round would be a battle over France's future, with her vision of a France out of the EU and behind reinforced borders radically different from her opponent's. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. But it was quickly suspended until Wednesday following a request from all lawyers who wished to display their solidarity with colleagues striking over President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial pension reform. He was a member of outgoing president Francois Hollande's staff, and served as an economic minister under the government of Manuel Valls. The former Prime Minister of France François Fillon and his wife were found guilty of embezzling public funds Monday. 'The European Commission is ready to work with the new French president on how we can re-launch Europe,' he said. In a further colourful development, in February Mr Macron was unexpectedly forced to deny a gay extramarital affair. Defeated Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon, Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and defeated right-wing candidate Francois Fillon all urged voters to rally behind Macron in the second round. ... New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern Wins 2nd Term In Election Rout. He simply wasn't an adolescent.'. Throughout the campaign, Macron insisted France was 'contrarian' - ready to elect a pro-globalisation liberal at a time when right-wing nationalists are making gains around the world. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Though Le Pen came in behind Macron, there was joy at the FN's election party Sunday night in Henin-Beaumont, a former coal mining town in northern France, with outbursts of the Marseillaise national anthem. 'Either we continue on the path of complete deregulation, with no borders and no protection... mass immigration and free movement of terrorists... or you choose France,' she added. Pictures show the French presidential favourite acting on stage as a teenager before leaning in to kiss Brigitte Trogneux - 25 years his senior - on the cheek after a theatrical performance in May 1993. This is the moment a 15-year-old Emmanuel Macron kissed his 40-year-old teacher - two years before he declared he wanted to marry her. In addition, charges also cover a contract that allowed Penelope Fillon to earn 135.000 euros in 2012-2013 as a consultant for a literary magazine owned by a friend of her husband — also an alleged fake job. He took 19.91 percent of Sunday's vote. He could have been president of France. Trump's campaign website is briefly 'seized' by hackers who claim to have evidence that 'proves his criminal... Trump claims early voters want to 'change their vote to me' in wake of his second debate with Biden and... Joe Biden calls Donald Trump a 'conman' who has capitulated to the pandemic in campaign speech in Georgia,... Melania slams 'socialist' Biden in full-on Dem attack as she hits campaign trail solo in Pennsylvania - and... Are these the women who will REALLY rule Joe Biden's White House?

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