Examples of secular authority in a sentence, how to use it. Those rhythms have also infiltrated secular music from salsa to funk. Anything not affiliated with a church or faith can be called secular.

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He so much embodied the ancient teachings of the Buddha, yet insisted on a completely inclusive, That is what conservative organizations, religious and, I'm not religious myself, but I think it's a shame that liberalism is so guardedly, So here, for your Christmas Eve pleasure, are 20 of my favorites, 10 from the ecclesiastical division and 10, Some of its clergy married, and abbacies could be held by, By the time of Hasni's death, rai music was a major front in the confrontation between Algerian Islamism and the, Satellite orbits were computed using a GPS almanac-like representation, that is, six Keplerian parameters plus the, To account for recognition of theater women's accomplishments, Berlanstein cites the impact of republican anticlericals, who promoted new, According to Haselberger, the archdiocese ignored not only blatant, He regretted that if such irresponsible, poisonous and aggressive speeches were not stopped, they would cause irreparable loss to the country's, Despite aberrations, we are still a by and large, A modern state needed a population literate in the official language, and a population that was disciplined either by religious instruction or by a, I'm not arguing for a replay of the 70s, but it's pretty tough to make a case for similarities to the early 80s when the last great, For the last nine years, they have battled, Other scholars, known as nativists, have asked how the differences could arise if the authors of canon and, Although he was a man of the church, his surviving writing is strongly, With the rise of humanism, the unicorn also acquired more orthodox, The work is a sermon in three parts condemning the acts of his contemporaries, both, After the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the abbey's lands passed to, Relics of the Dark Ages are uncommon within the Glamorgan area and, However, especially from the 13th century onward, an increasing number of, Like other tribes in the northeast, the Garos ferment rice beer, which they consume in religious rites and, Because 240Pu also occurs in the decay chain of 244Pu, it must thus also be present in, However, in France, baroque architecture found a greater success in the, He launched the Infitah economic reform policy, while clamping down on religious and, On 18 January 2014, the interim government successfully institutionalised a more, Its usually sponsored by a local shrine or temple, though they can be, For Friedrich Nietzsche, humanism was nothing more than a, Changes in Earth's magnetic field on a time scale of a year or more are referred to as, There is evidence that this occurs both during, The priory was given the care of souls in the, He believed that there was no contradiction between faith and, The 1232 Statutum in favorem principum mostly extended these privileges to, In Western Europe, some of the older Roman elite families died out while others became more involved with ecclesiastical than, The location of the Earth's magnetic poles slowly change with time, which is referred to as geomagnetic, The Papal court was attended by hundreds of minor officials, both ecclesiastical and, Political observers consider Uruguay the most, Its current name is probably more a reference to Christ the King than to a, The new Constitution drafted in 1857 established a, Sheep are occasionally sacrificed to commemorate important, The painting of religious subjects declined very sharply, but a large new market for all kinds of, Some northern states have incorporated Sharia law into their previously, This practice had become common because often the prelates and, By 1529, in On War against the Turk, he was actively urging Emperor Charles V and the German people to fight a, The musical liturgy of the church was being more and more influenced by, The only restrictions actually given by the 22nd session was to keep, The principle prevailed later that an offence already punished by a, When the send began to disappear, both ecclesiastical and, The idea of a dichotomy between religion and the, One can regard eating and bathing as examples of, Many businesses and corporations, and some governments operate on, The question was that of lay fee, which was the equivalent of, The eastern Asia legal tradition reflects a unique blend of, The University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law was the first, It has been abolished in many Islamic countries, but still holds its legal validity in the, The Hindu nationalists view this issue in concept of their law, which they say, is, By contrast, the 1979 Iranian Revolution replaced a mostly, In the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the Lords Temporal are, Proponents argue, however, that despite the, It was rare for a woman to publish such a work, let alone one, Vestries dealt with the administraction of both parochial and, The skewed distribution of productivity gains is thus less a new phenomenon than a, The long-term growth in population and income accounts for most, The couple chose to solemnize their relationship in a, Haredi Judaism is a stream of Orthodox Judaism characterized by rejection of modern, But the same would be true of members of Saddam Hussein's, Analagous to canonical narratives of pilgrimage, both sacred and, However, the same census shows that only 785 people declared to be members of the Judaist religious community, and the rest of them were, The bulge exhibits cylindrical rotation consistent with a disky origin which evolved through bar driven, Their charities never have been limited to the necessities of mere subsistence, like the, Originally these choirs where formed as the tenor and bass sections of chapel choirs, and embraced the popular, These can be seen in the ornamentation of medieval religious and, Caesar's texts tell us that the priests of Britain were Druids, a religious elite with considerable holy and, Petrarch was the first to give the metaphor, Since German bishops were an integral part of the, I inform you that I will be a gracious lord and a faithfull observer of God's rights and just, Henry harassed Becket's associates in England, and Becket excommunicated religious and, Many monks and nuns live in monasteries to stay away from the, Richard's marriage to Anne was never declared null, and it was public to everyone including, Italian Renaissance artists were among the first to paint, This only made the dilemma more acute, with consequent continual litigation in the, Charles grew exhausted with the pope's meddling in what he viewed as purely, Napoleon made some of the first efforts at establishing a system of, In Western Europe, some of the older Roman elite families died out while others became more involved with Church than, He became chaplain to Charles I and was the last English cleric to hold both church and. Not relating to religion or to a religious body; nonreligious. 1. Theme by Press Customizr. An example of secular is top forty music. The Nayeb restaurant has been in business for 80 years, but was recently revamped and is full of well-heeled businessmen. Updated December 13, 2018 Definition: driven by principles that aren’t of a religious nature 19 examples: If that voice could have found unity, it could then have directed public action… Secular definition, of or relating to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secular interests. Secular stocks maintain a static trajectory regardless of current economic trends.

The secular establishment has excluded religion inappropriately from our public life. Ann wasn’t a religious woman; instead, she chose to live a life based on her pursuit of secular pleasures.

| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Thus papal absolutism and Spanish absolutism, We suppose that this aquamanile had an exclusively, Overall the role of regulars was diminished and that of, At such moments, our distinctions between sacred and, A linear time series approach was used to see if changes in these dimensions represented, Moreover, there continued to be problems between the, That dogmatic worship of relativism can only undermine the principle of any belief worth having, whether religious or, Is the phenomenon confined to the diocesan or, But fat chance that such a rational, liberal and, By contrast, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic images proliferated in the, The central officials of the Allawi government were, The res publica, as the popes called it, was intended to represent a restored Roman state with authority in much of Italy under, In the 1880s Republicans voted for reforms that created an elementary school system with.

The secular games of ancient Rome were held to mark the end of a saeculum and the beginning of the next. The adoration of places, that very European form of topolatria, 6 motivates a secular repetition and reveals an … Coming or happening only once in an age or century. How to use secular in a sentence. Secular things are not religious. Last modified February 7, 2019, The meaning of Cosmopolitan, Iniquitous, Enigma, Lout, and Rile in Sentences, Begging, Quote, Disconsolate, and Impetus in Sentences, Meaning of Capitulate, Arbitrate, Pacifist, Parable, Gentry, Meaning of PETULANT in A Sentence – Video. (astrophysics) Of or pertaining to long-term non-periodic irregularities, especially in planetary motion. All Rights Reserved. Somalia's inhabitants subsequently reverted to local forms of conflict resolution, either secular, Islamic or customary law, with a provision for appeal of all sentences. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. As I said, Buchanan's simplified secular answers resonate. The definition of secular is something unrelated to religion. Find more ways to say secular, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Of or relating to characteristics of astronomical phenomena that change slowly over time. The legitimate aim was the proper running of a multi-cultural, multi-faith, The result of these new realizations is that we can now problematize or relativize, The lowland Scots language began to fade from, The Enlightenment was the beginning of the gradual domestication of the doctrine, and its eventual assimilation to a, Or is it because religion has become the last hiding-place of rascally politicians whose, Widows seeking the restitution of their dowries after their husbands died, for example, frequently litigated in the, This, and not the subventions of hegemonic states, is what will ultimately defeat both the, I can't help but think we are still looking to, It played a significant role in the creation of modern political Zionism, despite the officially, He was in the vanguard of the generation of postwar Arab intellectuals who sought to steer the region toward a rationalist, None of these dissidents has so far expressed such clear advocation of a, Replacing the zealotry of religious intolerance with a, Does anybody else see the logic error in stating that religious zealots wanted to create a, The arch-conservative theologian does not reflect the country's self-image as, This is a man who believes that above all the church must resist the temptation to assimilate to modern, The religious zealots see rai music as the apotheosis of a, It seemed to fit comfortably within its surroundings, which included numerous sacred and, There was a mounting enthusiasm for change, fanned by effective use of, His are not the opinions that either liberal theologians or, But if they do, their binding arbitration is just as valid as a binding arbitration before a, In other words, can the ethics of a godless, The second phase of development focuses on consolidation and organization, it is a time of increased accommodation to the, Much African art still seems religiously alive and therefore not entirely at home in a. It's difficult to see secular in a sentence .

Secular definition: You use secular to describe things that have no connection with religion. Sentence example with the word 'secular' secular annual, centenary, communicant, fortnightly, lay sister, mundane, popular, reasonable, semiyearly, terrestrial, unsanctified Definition adj. 2.

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(Christianity) Not bound by the vows of a. How to use secular in a sentence. When applying the term to the stock market, a secular market is … Occurring or observed once in an age or century, as games in ancient Rome. Secular definition is - of or relating to the worldly or temporal. The long-term growth in population and income accounts for most secular trends in economic phenomena. That in turn requires the growth of democratic, It will be drawn from Sunni and Shia, from, In recent times Whitsun has been somewhat been shouldered aside by the. Used of clergy. 31 people chose this as the best definition of secular: Relating to or advocating... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Another word for secular.

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