“People in high-risk groups should also avoid strenuous activity. If there is a hazard reduction burn planned for your area, take the following steps: For health information relating to smoke from bush fires and hazard reduction burning, visit the NSW Health website or the Asthma Foundation. Girl with autism handcuffed by police after meltdown at school, Lightning, hail and floods as storm season lashes eastern states, More NSW schools target by bomb hoax emails, HSC exam interrupted, Teenager fined for starting blaze with illegal fireworks in Sydney during bushfire crisis, Volunteer firefighters should be paid for tackling mega blazes, minister urges, RFS boss delayed new role to see NSW through horror bushfire season. To improve your experience. NSW Health boss Dr Kerry Chant said that people with underlying heart and lung conditions should also try to spend more time indoors whenever the smoke is lingering. "We are going to see hot conditions [and] dry atmosphere, particularly dry air mass that's bringing this heat from the centre of Australia," Commissioner Fitzsimmons said. Almost 3,000 firefighters deployed across New South Wales as more than 80 bushfires continue to burn. "The smoke here in Sydney is extremely bad today. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, rejected suggestions that volunteer firefighters should be professionalised, or that the federal government should do more, saying the firefighters “. Dr Richard Broome, from the New South Wales (NSW) Health department, said Sydney was suffering "some of the worst air quality we've seen". This is the first fire to worsen this evening, after others were downgraded during the day. There is increasing fire in the Glenroy Estate area, near Putty Rd, the RFS says. Still waiting on an RFS update on this. https://t.co/HO9WVonJXS, Backburning operation by RFS crews along Jones Road near Braidwood ahead of the main fire front. The following hazard reduction burns are planned by NSW land managers (such as National Parks and Wildlife Service, Forestry Corporation NSW, Crown Lands and Local Government Authorities) and fire agencies (NSW Rural Fire Service and Fire and Rescue NSW) over coming days, weather permitting. Emergency warning for Little L Complex, Yengo national park. PM2.5 readings in other parts of NSW far exceeded those in the worst-affected Sydney suburbs. There are now 10 fires at watch and act level. With temperatures set to hit the low 40s in some areas of Sydney today, health authorities are warning people to stay indoors between 11.00am and 4.00pm. Re: Smoke over Sydney to be bad today: petzl:

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