No previous experience is necessary, but a background in customer service or dealing with the public would be an asset. Regionally, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Quebec recorded single-digit jobless rates. It covers immigration over the last few decades, education, the labour market, employment and unemployment rates, annual wages, overqualification and the low-income status of children. You’ll be required to provide tech support and assistance to clients, prepare and update inventories and resolve basic technological issues, among other things. Neither was adjusted for seasonal variations in employment. In this role, you’d work at the Miette Hot Springs in the heart of the park, greeting guests and assisting in day-to-day duties. There are so many government jobs in Canada available, and some pay surprisingly well! While the job listing says an ideal candidate would have completed high school, it notes that different combinations of education, training and experience may also be accepted. Company: Statistics Canada Why You Should Apply: With 21 positions to be filled across the country, this is a great opportunity for anybody with an I.T. Nationally, Canada's labour market gained 418,500 jobs last month, moving past the halfway mark in recouping the three million losses at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. News. In terms of overqualification, 25.7% of black immigrants aged 25 to 59 with a university degree earned here or abroad were working in jobs that required a high school diploma or less. They also have a lower employment rate and are overqualified for jobs. You can even work from the comfort of your own home! With such a range of responsibilities, this is ideal for anybody wanting to escape the office. Sign up to My StatCan to be notified of information on various topics. The data is in. Close • Posted by just now. In this Alberta-based role, you’d be required to collect money at Parks Canada entrance gateways, assist customers in visitor centres, and help out in historic sites, marine conservation grounds and more. Right now, people studying commerce or economics can apply as a student financial analyst. Applications for this inventory will be accepted until December 21. If that doesn’t work out, there’s plenty of different government agencies that are also hiring. The federal government has vowed changes to the decades-old EI system to ease access, and a new parallel benefit for those who don't qualify. Tricia Mason has that story…, Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again - Blazing Fast, Brilliant Way To Stay Fit & Build Muscle Without A Gym, 23 Cool Products That Could Sell Out In 2020. © 2020 All Rights Reserved, Narcity Media Inc. Ontario Has Almost 500 New Cases Of COVID-19 & It's The Highest Jump In Months. Jobs with the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canadian Border Services Agency, National Defence and Public Safety Canada. This includes business administration, accounting, and commerce. If you’re a respectful and dependable person, this job could be for you. Howe Institute, said whatever the Liberals do with EI needs to consider racialized workers, who are affected the most by the economic and health effects of the pandemic and often can't qualify for EI. The morning news team made their favourite fall meals each Tuesday of October, so guest anchor Fletcher Kent prepared an easy, one-pot Italian sausage dirty rice recipe that's great for using up whatever is in the fridge and pantry. Be part of a great undertaking and join our 2021 Census team! 2020 All rights reserved, Narcity Media inc. That said, there are so many jobs out there that are extra-interesting or extra-unusual, and some have extra-hefty salaries to match. The wage gap between black women and other women was smaller than what was seen with men. You'll have the chance to work in a position that has a great deal of importance in how government functions, but there are plenty of other benefits to these positions, as well. Statistics Canada is hiring approximately 1,000 people for office jobs across the country. That's compared to just 10.8% of non-immigrants that aren't black. The agency is also offering a respectful work environment, bonuses for evening and weekend work and Public Service benefits like health and dental. Statistics Canada said the unemployment rate would have been 13.8 per cent in July if it had included in calculations those who wanted to work but didn't look for a job. Editor's Choice: Ontario Has Almost 500 New Cases Of COVID-19 & It's The Highest Jump In Months. Despite the impressive hourly salary, you don’t need tons of experience or a degree-level education to apply. The position comes with plenty of perks, and can lead to a more permanent role within a branch of government after graduation. Statistics Canada is hiring for 72 administrative assistant positions for next year's census with work happening between October 2020 and August 2021. The role pays between $17.83 and $21.78 per hour, which is much higher than minimum wage in all provinces and territories. The Canadian Armed Forces also have tons of roles up for grabs right now, including firefighters, cooks and divers. Statistics Canada will be hiring approximately 32,000 employees for census enumerator and crew leader positions across Canada. New jobs will be posted regularly from now to the end of 2020, so consult this page often! © 2020 All Rights Reserved, Narcity Media Inc. Canadians Could Get A Tax Break For Working From Home & That Means More Money Back (VIDEO). You’d be responsible for asking questions via mail, telephone, and potentially in person. Family homelessness has increased throughout the past few months as a result. Narcity // Discover everything you need to know about anywhere you want to go — because you live in the most … In terms of employment and unemployment, there are some stark differences. Contact! We will be receiving applications as of January 2021. Part-time work was within five per cent of its pre-COVID-19 levels last month compared with full-time work, which is still down 7.5 per cent from February before the pandemic struck. Jobs with the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, Security Intelligence, Border services, Defence and Public Safety. If you’ve been looking for a career change, look no further. Statistics Canada is currently hiring “interviewers” in various locations across the country, and they’ll even let you work from home. With starting wages of up to $24 per hour, and annual salaries up to $60,000, you might even find a role you’d consider moving across the country for. Right now, people studying commerce or economics can apply as a student financial analyst. When it comes to the job market in Canada, black people face way more challenges and are often at a disadvantage according to Statistics Canada.They also have a lower employment rate and are overqualified for jobs. Ontario led the way in jobs gains, but its reopening has lagged other provinces and suggests a decent gain in August is possible, BMO chief economist Douglas Porter wrote in a note. background.

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