Find a ruptured Hydraulic Fluid fragment on the bay half of the bridge and scan it. At this point, the story will force you into deeper sections of the region. Make sure to pick it up before continuing, as well as scanning the two Prawn Suit fragments nearby. It is hard to avoid getting attacked if you park your Seatruck down inside the crystal formation, however it is possible to fit down the hole if you only have a few modules attached. Once you finish scanning all three PPU fragments, head back to Drop Pod (or your base if you have a Fabricator installed) and fabricate the PPU. report. Note that it and the Scanner require a charged battery to operate. You can access the abandoned base through a breach in the Sparse Arctic, northeast of the Drop Pod. The base is accessible from the western corner of Lilypads Crevice, indicated by clusters of Hivemind plants. “Below Zero offers currently 1-2 hours of story play time. After Robin exits the Sanctuary, the Architect's voice tells her it needs a body to transfer itself into. You can not get the white tablet. Right now, there are three items of vital importance to craft: the Survival Knife, the Scanner, and the Standard O₂ Tank. Make sure to build the Moonpool somewhat close to the ground, so you can dock your Prawn Suit in it. Inside the Drop Pod is a 6×8 storage locker and a Fabricator, one of the most essential crafting machines in the game. Below Zero Roadmap Rebooted and Release Timeline - Subnautica; Lighting in this game is weird; Subnautica & Subnautica: Below Zero Coming to Nintendo Switch - Subnautica When Robin interacts with the terminal for the first time, she will receive a status report revealing that the area is under active satellite surveillance. Afterwards, head into the cave. Along the way, you'll get a message telling you the facility's power is low. When you get to the island, you must then climb it towards the top where the tower resides. Combining it with Titanium Ingots creates an even stronger ingot. Starting environments are richly detailed, voice acting is present, and bugs are frequent but often not game-breaking. It's in a crevice filled with volcanic geysers. So you are almost to the end, and no real story will come after that. After exploring around the Glacial Basin, you may have come across the Phi Excavation Site, an area housing the Frozen Leviathan. As it's EA, these things come in dribs and drabs.. ? These fragments (you need three) can be found in the Twisty Bridges as well, however they are more common in the Arctic Kelp Caves, which are large caves whose entrances are in the Arctic Kelp Forest. So i doubt there is a true ending until the last Dev update/game release, I’ve heard somewhere they don’t want to add the true ending until the games release so it’s dramatic. The suit greatly helps to combat the effects of the cold. To build the Drill Arm, you first need a Moonpool, which is attached to your base. You can find the entrance by going farther away from the Drop Pod, opposite the direction the area of Robin's crashed shuttle. Additionally, the player can find a PDA with a conversation between Fred Lachance and Sam Ayou. The voice concedes that Robin may call it Al-An. Al-An requires a new storage medium so that he may perform a wider range of functions than Robin's brain allows. The latter is slightly more dangerous, however it also contains an arm upgrade for the Prawn Suit, so you want to go there anyway. Bringing a Laser Cutter is required for a couple of PPU fragments as some are sealed behind small laser-cuttable doors. Head towards the island, which can be seen from a fair distance to the South (away from the tunnel and mountains). Seabases allow you to have a base away from the Drop Pod, which can contain storage and useful facilities such as a Fabricator. It comes equipped with two modifiable arms and it very resilient to damage. Finally, the last two indicators are Oxygen and Temperature. (The last one being leaving 4546b, but in the wiki it just says that its a "TBA"). Build the hoverpad somewhere in the basin with the Habitat Builder and then build the Snowfox on it. Such deposits can be found in the mining site or later biomes. An inactive crane is found on the opposite end of the chamber, next to a desk with Alexis Riedell's investigation report on the aforementioned incident. Its crafting recipe is two Titanium and a Fiber Mesh. After crafting the vessel, Al-An will tell you to meet him at the Architect Gate Base, which is near Outpost Zero. you can only get the white tablet using console comands and if you do that al-an does nothing and entering sector 0 reveals a empty unfinished precourser base. Before entering the cave, you can head south of the cave's entrance and pick up the Snowfox Hop Module blueprint from the tech site nearby. Then, you can use the drill arm by holding left or right mouse button. You will have difficulties bringing your Seatruck through; fortunately, you do not need it in the Basin, so you can leave it there and navigate through the cave until you reach the surface. On another note, if she has Al-An in her head, he will include some information on how Architects view closure. The Arctic Spires Cache is nestled in the deepest region within the Arctic Spires, within a depression in the rocks. Below Zero is not finished! The Spy Pengling site containing the antidote should be just under the slope. They are not really needed to progress, but since you're in the area you should take the time to scan it. The Snowfox controls about the same as other vehicles; WASD to move, mouse to turn. To acquire Snow Stalker Fur, you must find a Snow Stalker and grab at it. The first step is finding its Fragments, which can be found in the Twisty Bridges and Thermal Spires. One imagines there *would* be more, if they were continuing to work on it. You can pick up Marguerit's third log in the workroom, and the fourth log in her bedroom. As you head into the cave, you may come across Parvan's Bunker. To get through the area, a combination of Thumpers and a large amount of First Aid Kits is recommended. By the base is a fragment of Habitat Builder. Keep in mind that this page will have spoilers, as it also summarizes the events as you follow along with the story. The blueprint isn't resource-heavy and requires that you head to the Arctic Kelp Forest and to biomes containing gel sacks, provided that you don't have the materials.

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