A NASA spacecraft has really made a mess of things on the asteroid Bennu, and scientists are thrilled. Enjoy the Astrds, it's inspired by the original Atari Asteroids game. They Come in Different Sizes. Most of them live in the main asteroid belt—a region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. This site is maintained by the Planetary Science Communications team at, There are lots of asteroids in our solar system. The OSIRIS-REx probe is scheduled to pull off NASA's first-ever asteroid-sampling operation on Oct. 20, snagging precious dirt and gravel from a carbon-rich space rock called Bennu. Asteroids are left over from the formation of our solar system. The total mass of all the asteroids in the main asteroid belt combined is less than that of Earth's Moon. Asteroids are space rocks thought to be the remains left over from the formation of the solar system. At least one interstellar asteroid, called 'Oumuamua, has passed through our solar system.

OSIRIS-REx will spend two years studying Bennu’s surface, looking for the best place to take a sample. The near-Earth asteroid Bennu continues to reveal its secrets to NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission. The spacecraft is on track to touch asteroid Bennu's surface during its first sample collection attempt on Oct. 20. Today, NASA will attempt to grab tiny pieces of an asteroid called Bennu — and to mark the occasion, the agency has created a 360-degree video that will take you along for the ride. In 2012 Dawn left Vesta and went into orbit around the largest object in the asteroid belt, dwarf planet Ceres. Earth and a few other planets have asteroids like this. There are lots of asteroids in our solar system. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission is ready to perform an early stow on Tuesday, Oct. 27, of the large sample it collected from the surface of asteroid Bennu. Site Manager: Asteroids are small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun. A new IMAX film celebrates the scientists and engineers who are working to keep our planet safe from potentially hazardous space rocks. Asteroids are small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun. Scientists can learn about asteroids by studying meteorites: tiny bits of asteroids that have flown through our atmosphere and landed on Earth’s surface. Why Is Asteroid Bennu Ejecting Particles Into Space? Asteroids are rocky and metallic objects that orbit the Sun but are too small to be considered planets. Although asteroids orbit the sun like planets, they are much smaller than planets. Visit our corporate site. No way! Then, the Dawn spacecraft traveled to the asteroid belt in 2011 to orbit and study the second largest object there, Vesta. For example, some asteroids are found in the orbital path of planets. OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will take a sample of asteroid Bennu on October 20. Artist’s conception of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft at Bennu. Earth will change the direction of an asteroid that's getting awfully close this week.

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