Pass through the gate, drink your potions, and get ready for battle. Single-player

Head to the hilltop and instruct the king on where to pour the powder: first the petrified bread, the burnt tree, the raven's corpse, the sour milk, and finally back to the fairy ring. This time you'll be surrounded by ghosts and draugs.

If you find that you're being surrounded, use Aard to knock the enemy back and regroup with Roche. You'll meet with Triss or Iorveth again.

Exit back out of the room and take the path slightly to the west. Once ready, make your way out of the mine and kill any enemies that may have respawned along the way.

You may have to fight a few nekkers or bandits along the way. All rights reserved.

Brew the potion and drink up. Eventually you'll find Letho and will gain knowledge of the plan. The strategy remains the same, but this time the dragon has a full 360 degree circle to attack from, requiring rolling much more often. Four additional tracks were released through

Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!

After a few more scenes you will team up with Roche and Ves to take down the remaining troops. All rights reserved. The Witcher 2 is set almost immediately after the first, and follows from the attempt on King Foltest's life which occurred in the final cutscene[1]. Quickly get up Quen and let your allies distract the fiends. The Witcher came out in 2007 as a PC exclusive, just 1 year into the PS3/Xbox 360 life cycle.

If you sided with Philippa earlier you will break the curse on Saskia.

While your allies will help fight the La Valettes, it's best to be proactive and kill the enemies yourself.

Stop and kill any harpies that get in your way. You will also have a number of allied dwarves, making the combat rather simple. While Dethmold is a big threat during the battle, killing him isn't required.

Talk to the visionary further and learn about the missing spear head.

Since you are in battle you can't use potions, so rely on health regeneration and parrying for now. Tell us what you think in the comments section below. One nice tactics is that the Archas will often get stuck on the terrain, allowing you an easy time to dodge or throw spells from a safe distance. Speaking with Philippa and Saskia will provide three of these items: Vandergrift's sword, Seltkirk's armor, and the magic medallion. Once the guards are dead, complete two quick time events to launch the nearby ballista. Publisher(s)

You'll awake the next morning from a crazed stupor. As always attack the ranged and defensively weak enemies first, followed by anyone with a shield.

As with most boss fights, kill the weaker enemies before taking on the meatier queen. However, the materials for this sword are a bit rare with the likes of Dragon Scales. When the time is right drink the potion and inspect the grave. More offensive magic includes Aard, which pushes the enemy back.

After the battle you'll meet with Saskia who will provide you with the second relic. Those who want to specialize in sword play might also want to consider putting at least one point in Position so you can unlock Violence.

If you instead listened to Roche and want to help Temeria, follow the Blue Stripe over to the sewer system.

You'll learn from your discussions that the conspirators use a square coin.

Once in reticule view, locate the knight with the red plume and give the order to fire. Zoltan will know more and lead the way.

Cover Zoltan's back as he destroys the gate controls, ending the war.

Keep Quen up and use Yrden to trap him in place.

How players relate to these companions (both in conversations and elsewhere) can open up quests and affect the game's ending.

You now must make a choice: save Temeria or find Triss. There are people in the canteen along with some of the venders that know what happened to Sabrina.

Quickly complete the quick time events and get ready for a fight against two enemies. If you made time to build the Zekkikanterment or locate the Addan Deith, you can do some serious damage with your strong attacks.

The Soldiers might also be distracted by other enemies, such as rotfiends.

Next take the east path followed by the north-west path. This time you'll be surrounded by ghosts and draugs. Also, if you time it correctly, the poison released from the rotfiends may damage the bullivore further.

Stick with Quen for Protection and Aard as your main offense spell. You'll awaken in the brothel and have a short chat with Dandelion. The sorcerer will also provide some new armor.

Either way beat down the citizens that try and stop your assault and move further down the docks. Roche and Iorveth know each other, at least by reputation, and are hostile. Keep moving forward and a chef will spot you. Set up Quen and head up the stairs on the right. There are two means of getting to the Nilfgaard camp: sneak through the Kaedweni camp or bribe the brothel on the hill.

Once inside Letho's hideout, carefully follow Serrit and avoid the traps on the ground. lol They stated at least 2 platform for future games so that's at least PC and the next microsoft console. Let Roche get the foe's attention again before coming in for another assault. Travel around the camp and locate the three men calling out for Odrin. The Aard and Yrden spells are also extremely useful and keeping one of the foes down or out of the way. To the right around three more guards will enter from the west. Next, take on the non name mercs while Roche tanks Pangratt.

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