It can be combined with the Hero's Bow to shoot arrows accurately at long distances. In certain releases of the game, there is a shortcut that can be accessed if Link uses the Gale Boomerang to put out the two torches at the start of a room. In the next room, move forward and proceed down the left descending ramp. If Link damages a Cucco ten times with any weapon, he will take control of the Cucco for a short time. If Link lights his lantern inside the Bomb Shop in a location away from Barnes (such as on the stairs or on the second floor of his shop), Barnes will pull down his wielder's helmet and activate the shop's sprinkler system, dowsing Link and his Lantern with water to put out the flame regardless of whether or not Barnes can see Link lighting the Lantern. If Wolf Link digs behind the Signs located in the Fishing Hole, he can unearth several Worms. It is performed by pressing B (or by swinging the Wii Remote in the Wii version) at any time during a roll. Kill it and throw a bomb in it. On the wall to the left of the stairs inside the Temple of Time. It will contain a Heart Piece. If Link wishes to jump from a high height where he would normally take fall damage (damaged incurred as the result of hitting the ground after falling from a high height) such as the Kakariko Lookout Tower to the thoroughfare below, if he activates his Spinner he can ride it down to the ground and will not receive any damage. On the left side of the stairs there should be a statue. Go to that location and the Golden Wolf will be waiting for Link to arrive. If Link ask her to tell him about the "Love" in his future, she will show him an image of an area where a Piece of Heart is hidden. Go past it, and then onward through the northern door. In areas where large flocks of Guay gather, if Link manages to kill every single Guay in the flock, multiple different colored Rupees (Green, Blue, and Yellow) will magically fall from the sky for Link to collect (the Rupees usually drop near where the Guay were flying). Inside the Goron Mines, carefully cross over the lava pit. The current season can also be figured out by looking at the trees in the Fishing Hole, as their leaves clearly reflect the current season. Now walk along the path to a hole in the wall. Proceed down the path onto the platform and activate the switch hidden on the left side behind the structure. ", Link will still occasionally catch trash while fishing in the Fishing Hole. Quickly un-equip the boots and run down the hallway past the temporarily extinguished flames. Link can play fetch with the Dog by picking up and throwing the bone. Inside of Barnes' Bomb Shop, there are warning signs that read "FLAMMABLE, Lanterns strictly prohibited!". If you're not fast enough, the fire will reactivate and block the path. In the first room walk to the back and look at the right side (left for gamecube). Defeat them and a chest with the heart in it will appear. In Twilight Princess, Link is capable of performing the Roll Attack technique without any prerequisites. Inside there is an ice puzzle; complete the puzzle to win a Piece of Heart. Log in. Lighting both torches opens the gatehouse, and once Link moves the two Owl Statues he can read a clue which tells him about the spectre's point where the door opens. In a flowerbed to the east of the fountain right outside Hyrule Castle Town's southern entrance. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Following that, go through the door.. Yay, another elder! Regardless of when the command was input, Link will thrust his sword in front of him as he finishes the roll. This chest contains a Heart Piece. By equipping and unequipping the Iron Boots mid-flight, Link can use them to control his flight speed. Light them to make the treasure chest appear and grab the Heart Piece. Kill the enemies and look carefully. Drop down and jump into the second beam. The Gale Boomerang is also useful for stunning them and bringing them into range of Link's sword. This page lists secrets and unlockables in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If Wolf Link enters Barnes' Bomb Shop from the Rooftop entrance and goes down stairs after Kakariko Village is free of Twilight, Barnes will pull down his wielder's helmet and stand still like a statue (which is apparently his typical reaction when stricken by fear).

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