This is because the temple faced Karnak. Specialists ascribe him to Manetton 05 or sometimes 34 years, this last figure is closer to the truth, and the year 37 began and had passed away. Entrance ticket price for Egyptian students = 5 Egyptian pounds. In what was then Thebes, Luxor Temple was “the place of the First Occasion,” where the god Amon experienced rebirth during the pharaoh’s annually reenacted coronation ceremony. Details of the Luxor Temple from the inside and the most important ancient monuments of Pharaonic and the effects of the eastern mainland in the city of Luxor, information and details about the most important monuments and monuments of the Great Luxor Temple that you did not know before, to start your historical journey to the Pharaonic era and ancient Pharaonic civilization. . In the reign of Today, remains of this vast complex include the colossal Great Colonnade Hall, almost 61 meters long, with 28 twenty-one-foot-high columns, its decoration largely undertaken by Tutankhamun around 1330 B.C. Abu Simbel Temple Egypt History, Facts, Inside, Map, Plan, Ticket Tour in Aswan. Pharaonic drawings and inscriptions were drawn on the cemeteries, representing the offering to the holy boat at the gods’ pharaohs. History and Construction. It remained populated even after the ancient city’s political decline, and in modern times it has been the site of significant archaeological discovery and tourism. The temple, as well as the other structures at the site is all built from Nubian sandstone that was transported to the site from quarries in southwestern Egypt. The colonnade, along with the decorated walls was completed during the reign of King Tutankhamun and King Horemheb. The road leading to the temple and lined with sides of the lions and rams. There are drawings on the walls at the front of the temple and express the location of the immortal Kadesh that the Pharaonic king led during his rule, in addition to the wars of King Ramses II along the walls of the Arab wall of the temple directly behind the edifice to represent his struggle and Asian wars. Luxor, city in Upper Egypt built amid the ruins of ancient Thebes. The best monuments of Amun returned with her what he had previously done with Queen Ahmose, the wife of Thutmose I. Luxor excursions. With the passage of time and the conditions of erosion and climate, only one statue remains present at the far right of the entrance. Luxor Temple, The During the Roman period, the temple was used almost exclusively as a fortress as well as serving as the headquarters of the Roman Government. The British Museum maintains a model of black granite for a solar boat, but the statue of the Queen is broken from the middle, and a statue has been found in Bandara that is not enough for his queen, and we warn our readers about the opinion that says that she is the field princess, the daughter of King Artama whom King Gothams IV married and finally She joined his harem. This was essentially a symbol that was representative of the legitimacy of a pharaoh’s power, and as such, it was not restricted to any one individual pharaoh. colonnade of Ramses II, he constructed another two huge The great colonnade of The major part of the Luxor Temple was originally constructed by Amenophis III who ruled Egypt for the period from 1387 to 1349 BC. his two huge colossi and two obelisks that were donated Ramses II has also added Inscriptions and drawings were drawn of the relationship of King Ramses II with the gods on both sides of the entrance from outside the temple, such as the painting of the holy trinity of Thebes and the god Amont and King Shayaka with the god Amun, Mont, Montu and Hathor, in addition to the drawing of pharaonic drawings on the left wing of the edifice, King Ramses II with his wife during the celebration on the occasion of Eid Deity, with drawings of priests and deities as there were ancient beliefs in the era of the pharaohs.

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